Board of Urology

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Mr Richard Grills, Chair, Board of Urology
Mr Melvyn Kuan, Deputy Chair, Board of Urology & Chair WA TA&E 
Professor Mark Frydenberg, President, USANZ
Mr Paul Gassner, Chair, NSW TA&E
Associate Professor Shomik Sengupta, Chair, VIC TA&E
Mr Darren Foreman, Chair, SA TA&E
Mr Andrew Williams, Chair, NZ TA&E
Mr Stuart Philip, Chair, Northern Section TA&E
Professor Mohamed Khadra, Senior Examiner, Urology
Mr Andrew Brooks, RACS Councillor - Urology
Mr Ross Fowler, Trainee Representative
Mr Michael Nugara, CEO, USANZ
Mr Finlay Macneil, IMG Representative

The College is the principal body for the training and education of surgeons in Australia and New Zealand. Accreditation is given by the Australian Medical Council to the College and standards for education and training are established by the College.

The Board of Surgical Training in Urology has oversight for the conduct of the College Training Program in Urological Surgery, reporting to the Board of Surgical Education and Training.

The College collaborates with the The Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand, as an agent of the College, to administer the Training Program.

The Surgical Education and Training Program in Urology is designed to provide trainees with clinical and operative experience in order to learn special methods of investigation and become competent in techniques related to the discipline. At the conclusion of the Training Program it is expected that trainees will be able to perform as independent practitioners, meeting the requirements of all identified College competencies.