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2014 Meetings and Events

56th Victorian Annual Surgeons' Meeting

The Changing Face of Surgery: Maintaining quality, safety and assessment


The 8th Sino-ANZ Surgical Oncology Conference

New Frontiers and Challenges in Colorectal Surgery
24-25 October 2014
The Sheraton Melbourne Hotel

VIC ASM:  Salena Ward  
Sino-Anz Surgical Oncology Conference:  Bruce Waxman

Registrations are now open

VIC ASM Final Program (PDF 1,613KB)

Sino-ANZ Surgical Oncology Conference Final Program  (PDF 2.5MB)

The 56th Vic ASM opens on Saturday 25 October with an exciting presentation by our plenary speaker Dr Ashley Webb. Following this, the scientific program will explore the changing landscape of surgery during concurrent research paper presentations and two symposia, addressing "The maintenance of quality, safety and assessment" in surgery and training.  The meeting provides Victorian Fellows, Trainees, IMGs and Medical students a forum for research and scientific paper presentation.

Pre-meeting professional development workshops will be held at RACS on Friday 24 October.  See below for more information.

The Sino-ANZ Surgical Oncology Conferences started in 2000 and rotates each two years between Australia and Gangzhou, China on a topic of surgical oncology.  This year we welcome our colleagues from San Yat-Sen University in Ganzhou for this one day meeting on Friday 24 October:  "New Frontiers and Challenges in Colorectal surgery."

Welcome dinner:  Friday 24 October
Delegates and their families are warmly invited to join us for an exclusive Welcome Evening at the iconic Melbourne Museum where we will privately dine in the Melbourne Gallery of the Melbourne Museum.  Capturing Melbourne's history from 1830 through to today, diners will will be free to explore the gallery with their family and friends throughout the evening.  Registrations close 9am Monday 20 October, 2014

The G J Royal Dinner:  Saturday 25 October
This will be held at the Sheraton Melbourne where Prof Michael Grigg, RACS President will present the GJ Royal Lecture. The prizes and awards will also be presented at this dinner where  The GJ Royal dinner will be held at the Sheraton, featuring special guest Prof Michael Grigg, President Elect, who will present the GJ Royal Lecture.  Presentation of all prizes will be made at this dinner.   Here the meeting will draw to a close. 

For all regsitration information, including fees and registration options: Register here  
Nicole Maher can be contacted on +61 3 9249 1158 

Colleen at Corporate Traveller is available to take care of your accommodation arrangements, with the discounted corporate rate at
the Sheraton: $285 p/night. Colleen can be contacted on email: / Ph +61 3 8535 1550.

Call for Abstracts

We thank everyone who submitted Abstracts for consideration for presentation at the 2014 VIC ASM. The deliberations have now been finalised and notifications have been made. All successful abstracts will be published in the ANZ Journal of Surgery (given author(s) permission was granted) following the event.

Direct enquiries to


There are prizes for the following categories:

  • 2014 DR Leslie Prize: Best clinical registrar paper
  • 2014 RC Bennett Prize: Best laboratory based research paper presented
  • DCAS Scholarship: Best presentation appropriate to academic surgery
  • Medical Student Prize: Best presentation by a Medical Student

All winners will be announced at the GJ Royal Dinner, on the evening of the VIC ASM, Saturday 25 October 2014.

VIC ASM Pre-meeting Workshops

Friday 24 October 2014
9.00am - 4.30pm
Fee: Free

Please follow the links below to register for these workshops.
National Simulation Health Educator training program (NHET Sim)

NHET Sim is Australia's first National Simulation Health Educator training program, funded by Health Workforce Australia.
Educators who currently use or intend to use simulation as an educational tool to support the education and training of others are encouraged to attend free of charge. The program is being tailored for a surgical educator audience and will involve two online core components - 'Simulation based education: contemporary issues for the health professionals' and 'Being a simulation educator'; and a one day workshop on 'Simulated patient methodology' and 'Patient focused simulations'. All participants who complete the program will be acknowledged as a NHET SIM graduate.
Max numbers: 20, Registrations are filling, register now to secure your position.
TSIA: Training Standards - Interpretation and Application
9.00am - 12 noon
Fee: Free
This three-hour workshop aims to make participants aware of the required standards for Competent and Proficient performance across all nine competencies. It focuses on the interpretation and application of the training standards in the workplace, giving participants the knowledge to assess own and others performance and provide feedback against the standards.

Clinical Decision Making (CDM)
12.30pm - 3.30pm
Fee: A$235.00
CDM is a three hour workshop designed to enhance a participant's understanding of their decision making process and that of their trainees and colleagues. The workshop will provide a roadmap, or algorithm, of how the surgeon forms a decision. This algorithm illustrates the attributes of expert clinical decision making and was developed as a means to address poor clinical decision making processes, particularly as a guide for the supervisor dealing with a struggling trainee or as a self-improvement exercise.
Max numbers: 12, limited registrations are left, register now to secure your position.

2014 Medical Students' Surgical Workshops

Registrations closed

Skills Lab, RACS´╗┐

Sunday 15 June: Convenor: Zeev Duieb
Sunday 7 September: Convenor: Wai-Ting Choi

The early interest to the 2014 Medical Students' Surgical Workshops has been overwhelming. Registrations have now closed. Successful registrants have been advised via email.

Medical Students' Careers Expo

Venue: TBA
Date: TBA

View more events on the conferences page of this website

2014 Victorian Regional Committee meetings

(6pm; at the Hailes Room, unless specified)
2 June
4 August
6 October
25 October - Vic ASM
1 December

2014 Victorian Regional Committee Executive meetings

(6pm; at the College, L1 WW, unless specified)
14 May - incorporating guests Sir Bruce Keogh and Minister David Davis
14 July - Ministerial Visit
1 September
10 November

Victorian Media Articles

3 March 2014 The Age: "AMA callls for 'Surgery Blitz' on RCH wait lists"
4 December 2013 The Age: "RCH Swamped By Demand"
20 March 2013 The Age: "Hospitals Waiting List to Ensnare 55,000"
2 February 2013 The Age "Hospitals facing loss of 12m in reward funding"
22 January 2013 The Age "Jobs cuts hit Royal Childrens"
9 January 2013 The Age "Outcry over Surgery Cash"


Active Fellows by specialty and region, as at February 2014.

A Fellow is considered active if they are currently involved in any aspect of surgical activity that involves the use of surgical skills or knowledge gained through their surgical training. This extends to and is not exclusive of medico-legal work, research or supervision of Trainees and International Medical Graduates (IMGs). Further Annual and Interim Activities Reports are available on the workforce and activities reports page.

Victorian Workforce Data

CAR 4 54 0 35 9 3 57 13 175 24 28 227
GEN 17 533 17 268 128 26 427 123 1539 240 158 1937
NEU 6 73 0 41 15 5 59 19 218 19 24 261
ORT 23 395 6 252 110 21 289 115 1211 259 54 1524
OTO 8 140 3 80 42 8 110 38 429 82 26 537
PAE 4 31 0 12 8 3 23 8 89 16 24 129
PLA 5 118 2 59 40 9 127 42 402 58 22 482
URO 5 122 1 76 29 10 99 36 378 51 22 451
VAS 3 62 1 36 14 4 44 13 177 17 2 196
Total 75 1528 30 859 395 89 1235 407 4618 766 360 5744

CAR - Cardiothoracic Surgery
GEN - General Surgery
NEU - Neurosurgery
ORT - Orthopaedic Surgery
OTO - Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
PAE - Paediatric Surgery
PLA - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
URO - Urology
VAS - Vascular Surgery


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