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2015 Meetings and Events

2015 Welcome and Induction Evening

2 March 2015, RACS

On 2 March, The Hon Jill Hennessey joined VRC members and members of the Victorian surgical  community in welcoming the incoming SET, IMGS and Young Fellows.  The formal program included an update on Skills and Education, RACSTA activities, a Young Fellows' perspective, along with a familiarisation of the RACS building and history.  This evening was an opportunity for our newest members to meet and connect with the Victorian Surgical Community. The VRC would like to thank the speakers:  Assoc Prof Bruce Waxman, Mr Michael Law, Dr Luke Bradshaw and Geoff Down for their involvement, and would also like to thank Mr Paul Cashin for his commitment to convene this event. 

Avant Mutual Group are also thanked for their support for this event.

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2015 Victorian-Tasmanian Annual Surgeons' Meeting

16-18 October 2015, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart

"Coping with Change"

We are excited to announce that the Victorian and Tasmanian Regional Meetings (ASMs) will be combined in 2015.  Overlooking the harbour, the Hotel Grand Chancellor is a perfect venue for the scientific program where theme of "Coping with Change" will be examined over symposia and plenary sessions. 

The Call for Abstracts will be open 24 April 2015 and will close 4 August 2015

Further information regarding the 2015 VicTas ASM

Further information regarding the Vic ASM.

2015 VicTas Flyer (PDF 1.03MB)

2015 Medical Students' Surgical Workshops

Sunday 14 June and Sunday 9 August

Skills Laboratory, RACS

Registrations close: 19 March

Continuing from the success of previous years, there will again be two MSSWs for final year Victorian Medical Students in 2015. Registration for this has now closed.  Allocations will be advised by email over the coming weeks.

Surgeons and Surgical Trainees:  Should you wish to find out more or to join the Faculty please contact to register to your interest.

Further information on the history of this event

Medical Students' Careers Exhibitions/Conferences

Seeking Expressions of Interest
In 2015 the VRC is collaborating with student groups and is seeking support from Fellows and Trainees. Commitment varies between events, but will usually be for a couple of hours to provide information regarding careers in surgery and the SET program, and/or to assist with basic surgical skills sessions.

9 May: Rural and Remote Medicine:  More information will be posted as it is available
23 May: Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) and AMA Victoria: careers expo
1 July: Melbourne Uni Medical Student Conference: FLS skills workshops.  Assistance obtaining Lap trainers for this event is also sought.
6&7 July: AMSA Careers Conference:  RACS will be hosting a booth for the provision of information on careers in surgery.
14 June and 9 August: VRC Medical Students Surgical Workshops: (See above)

If you are a surgeon or surgical trainee who is interested in being involved, or to find out further information, contact Liz Thompson: 9249 1253,

View more events on the conferences page of this website

2015 Victorian Regional Committee meetings

(6pm; in the Hailes Room, unless specified)
13 April, 2015
3 August, 2015
5 October, 2015
7 December, 2015

2015 Victorian Regional Committee Executive meetings

(6pm; at the College, Hailes Room, unless specified)
27 April, 2015
6 July, 2015
7 September, 2015
9 November, 2015

Victorian e-News Archive



Victorian Media Articles

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22 October 2014 The Age: "Thousands wait too long for surgery"
3 March 2014 The Age: "AMA calls for 'Surgery Blitz' on RCH wait lists"
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Active Fellows by specialty and region, as at February 2014.

A Fellow is considered active if they are currently involved in any aspect of surgical activity that involves the use of surgical skills or knowledge gained through their surgical training. This extends to and is not exclusive of medico-legal work, research or supervision of Trainees and International Medical Graduates (IMGs). Further Annual and Interim Activities Reports are available on the workforce and activities reports page.

Victorian Workforce Data

CAR 6 53 0 37 10 4 55 13 178 25 18 221
GEN 19 535 15 280 135 28 434 128 1574 233 147 1954
NEU 7 77 0 43 15 5 62 20 229 16 21 266
ORT 24 404 6 257 106 21 290 115 1223 260 52 1535
OTO 9 145 3 83 44 8 110 38 440 85 26 551
PAE 4 33 0 13 8 3 21 8 90 18 22 130
PLA 5 117 2 64 40 11 130 44 413 59 21 493
URO 5 125 1 81 28 10 106 39 395 55 26 476
VAS 3 64 0 33 14 5 51 15 185 20 2 207
Total 82 1553 27 891 400 95 1259 420 4727 771 335 5833

CAR - Cardiothoracic Surgery
GEN - General Surgery
NEU - Neurosurgery
ORT - Orthopaedic Surgery
OTO - Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
PAE - Paediatric Surgery
PLA - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
URO - Urology
VAS - Vascular Surgery


We would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsors for their ongoing support.  This partnership with the Victorian Regional Committee ensures the ongoing success of the ongoing collaboration for Regional Events. 

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Industry supporters

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