Types of Recommendations

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The College makes one recommendations when assessing an IMG surgeon's qualifications and experience. This is called Final Recommendation.

Final Recommendation

The Final Recommendation forms the basis for the ensuing period of assessment of the IMG surgeon's clinical practise. It is made following an interview by a panel of expert surgeons. The Final Recommendation is approved by the Board of Surgical Education and Training (BSET) and cannot be altered during the term of clinical assessment without approval by BSET.

If the IMG is deemed Partially Comparable or Substantially Comparable, they have 2 years from date of recommendation to find a suitable position for clinical assessment, and 4 years from commencement of clinical assessment to complete all requirements stipulated in the recommendation including Fellowship Examination (if applicable).

Should an IMG not complete all requirements within this timeframe, their assessment validity period will expire and their assessment will no longer be valid.

Note: If the IMG is deemed Not Comparable following a document-based assessment and an interview is not required, a Final Recommendation is provided based on the documentation alone.