Research and Evaluation, incorporating ASERNIP-S


Find a surgeon

The Find a Surgeon directory is a listing of active Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons who meet the requirements of the College's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program and have opted to be on the list. This list excludes retired or inactive Fellows.


Governance and staff

Research and Evaluation is overseen by the ASERNIP-S Advisory Committee, which reports to the Research Audit and Academic Surgery Board within the RACS governance framework.

The research team is managed by a Surgical Director, Director, a Research Manager and two Team Leaders.


Prof Guy Maddern, Surgical Director of Research and Evaluation, incorporating ASERNIP-S

Assoc/Prof Wendy Babidge, Director, Research, Audit, and Academic Surgical Division

Dr Alun Cameron, ASERNIP-S Research Manager

Nicholas Marow, Team Leader

Dr David Tivey, Team Leader

Dr Yasoba Atukorale

Dr Joanna Duncan

Deanne Forel

Robyn Lambert

Ning Ma

Anje Scarfe

Dr Meegan Vandepeer

Dr Thomas Vreugdenburg

For economic evaluations, we partner with:

Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE), University of Technology Sydney

eSYS Development Pty. Ltd

A panel of international HTA Experts is available to assist with our projects, as required.