Operating With Respect – e-learning module launched


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LogoRACS has launched new online, evidence-based training on discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment.

The e-learning module - Operating With Respect (members only, login required) - was developed for surgeons, by surgeons.

Designed to help surgeons identify discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment, understand the impact it has and show surgeons how to deal with it effectively.

Completing this training is mandatory for all Fellows, Trainees and International Medical Graduates by the end of 2017. RACS is encouraging everyone to do the training now - it takes less than 45 minutes.

Every member of RACS Council has completed Operating With Respect. The training is fully integrated with the RACS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. Fellows who do the training now will have their CPD automatically updated to show they have met this mandatory training requirement.

Education for all surgeons on these important issues is one of the core commitments of the 2015 RACS Action Plan: Building Respect, Improving Patient Safety.

The e-module forms part of the RACS Let's Operate With Respect campaign.

Find out more about the RACS Action Plan: Building Respect, Improving Patient Safety.

For Fellows, Trainees and IMGs:

Operating With Respect (members only, login required).

Demonstration only version: 'Operating with Respect' slideshow

View the demonstration only version of 'Operating with Respect' slideshow.