“Beautiful layout and easy to navigate” – Website iPad winner announced

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The winner of the iPad competition has been announced as Dr Jia Miin Yip, a Trainee in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in South Australia. The winner was selected at random from 56 responses from Fellows, Trainees and IMGs of the College received during the competition period which ran from 20 to 27 February 2012.

Dr Yip's first impression of the website was its beautiful layout and ease of navigation.  She explained that "the idea and the concept of the website is a good one".

Fellows, Trainees and IMGs of the College entered the competition, which asked website users what they think of the new College website, launched on 23 February 2012.

The general consensus on the website was overwhelmingly positive. Many Fellows, Trainees and IMGs expressed their satisfaction with the striking new design, the personalised My Page and the user-friendly information structure.

One Fellow from NSW said that, "the new website is more intuitive than previous versions," praising the site as, "aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate".

Trainees in particular found the My Page a significant improvement, noting that it brings the College website up to standard on the current trend for social networking sites. 

Trainees also cited the new-look My Page as their favourite feature of the new site, and described the ability to find training materials in one place to be a significant improvement.

The College is seeking to continuously improve the new site, which contains features such as discussion forums, blogs, a personalised My Page and a News Feed which streams relevant information based on user preferences.

Guidance on the website can be found under College resources where a series of video user guides explain the key features of the new website.

We would like to invite all Fellows, Trainees and IMGs of the College to log on to the new website and let us know what you think. If you have any comments, please fill out a website feedback form or contact us using the details below.


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