Foundations of Robotic Surgery Online Course

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The Foundations of Robotic Surgery online introductory course provides the foundational theory and principles required to safely perform robotic surgical procedures.  


This unique course, developed by surgeons for surgeons, has a linear robotic surgical training curriculum using online education, virtual reality, 3D video, simulators and advanced synthetic organ models.


The course has 11 modules provide learners with the theoretical knowledge and practical working understanding of: how to setup robot and console, the fundamentals of operating, how to achieve robotic surgical competence and much more.


At completion of this course, users will:

understand the system features of surgical robots
know the steps for safe robot setup
be aware of anaesthetic safety considerations for robotic surgery
know the principles of good robotic surgical technique at the console and the bedside
understand how to achieve robotic surgical competency
recognise the importance of human factors in robotic surgical practice.


The Foundations of Robotic Surgery online course is brought to you by the Royal Australasian of College of Surgeons (RACS) and the International Medical Robotics Academy (IMRA), a leading provider of medical robotic surgical skills training in the health sector. 



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About IMRA

International Medical Robotics Academy (IMRA) is Australia’s leading organisation for the curriculum of robotic surgical training.  


Established in 2017 as a non-profit organisation, it is governed by a Board with a dedicated CEO.


IMRA has developed a unique robotic surgery education program with a linear pathway through a four-tiered curriculum of robotic surgical training. 
The IMRA curriculum begins with an online curriculum for all medical students, junior doctors and surgeons commencing robotic surgery. Following successful completion of the Foundational component, surgeons proceed to simulation and virtual reality education using a proficiency-based progression, followed by 3D narrated robotic surgery video instruction. Once these tasks are completed satisfactorily, IMRA provides low and high fidelity synthetic human organ models to teach specific surgeries. These surgeries can be scored through video as a measure of robotic surgical proficiency.


IMRA works closely with surgical colleges, hospitals and tertiary institutions to ensure their curriculum meets the respective accreditation requirements for each training body and the robot vendors.


RACS partnership with IMRA

IMRA, as a leading provider of medical robotic surgical skills training in the health sector, is collaborating with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) in setting standards and advancing training. 


RACS and IMRA have a shared commitment to providing high-quality training, education and experience in the practice of surgery, with the goal of equipping surgeons to best meet the needs of patients and the community.


IMRA supports RACS’ vision to lead surgical performance, professionalism and improve patient care.  Likewise, RACS supports IMRA’s efforts to develop medical robotics training that is led by the profession, and integrates virtual reality, simulation and synthetic training materials. 


The two organisations are committed to working together to ensure Fellows, Trainees, Specialist International Medical Graduates and prevocational doctors have access to the required training, assessment, feedback and support necessary to facilitate performing robotic surgical procedures competently and safely. 




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