What is the surgical career transitions guide?

The surgical career transitions guide highlights the key opportunities and challenges that occur during the various stages of a surgeon's career. It consists of a progressively staged framework from when a surgeon enters their first ten years of practice as a Younger Fellow, through to the Mid-career stage, and into the Senior Surgeon phase, highlighting the key issues that may be experienced during those periods.

By following the link below you will be presented with a framework across the three stages of a surgical career, grouped into the four common themes of surgical practice, lifelong learning, professional standards and personal and professional integration. Each theme highlights a list of issues that are illustrated by interviewed videos with surgeons who have experienced them. The surgeons share their experiences and suggest strategies for addressing them. Each issue is then linked to relevant education and training opportunities, resources and core competencies that are available to support you.


Surgical career transitions guide

View the guide and share the personal challenges and opportunities experienced by your surgical colleagues.


Share your story

Your own story will assist surgeons to have a better appreciation of the challenges and opportunities that they may encounter throughout their career.

If you would like to share your story please contact the Professional Development Department by emailing career.story@surgeons.org or calling +61 3 9276 7440.