We recently finalised and published our Strategic Plan 2022-2024 and our Business Plan 2022 which outline specific initiatives to support the College in continuing our work to deliver value for our Fellows, Trainees, Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs), partners and the communities we serve.

In considering our strategy for the next three years, we reviewed internal, external and global conditions to guide our thinking and planning. Our priorities are:

  • Leading a sustainable future of surgery
  • Serving all communities equitably
  • Enhancing member value
  • Operational excellence

Our Business Plan outlines the first year of implementation of the Strategic Plan. We feature five flagship programs in 2022:

  1. Building Respect, Improving Patient Safety: From awareness to action
  2. Implementing the Rural Health Equity Strategy
  3. Championing Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Māori health
  4. Advocating for workforce and health care sustainability
  5. Improving our services

Read the Strategic Plan and Business Plan and weave them into your team and portfolio strategy for 2022.