Acting for equity in the COVID-19 crisis
Our Indigenous Health Committee has released a statement (PDF 133.47KB) warning that while restrictions placed by both the New Zealand and Australian governments are necessary to gain control of the spread of the virus, there will be inevitable adverse consequences to society. Although the virus is not selective about whom it infects, the impact of this pandemic will ultimately have greater adverse outcomes for those who are already disadvantaged.

The Committee issued advice to our members about how we can ensure equity is included in the pandemic response from a surgical perspective.

Read thefull statement. (PDF 133.47KB)

Australian Orthopaedic Association (AOA) advocates for return to elective surgery
The AOA has written to Minister for Health, Greg Hunt MP, to advocate for a graded, safe and considered return to planned elective surgery. Read the letter (PDF 80.93KB).

AOA and subspecialty COVID-19 advice pack
This document contains the range of position statements and advisory documents in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic issued by the AOA and orthopaedic subspecialty societies. Read more (PDF 1.63MB).

Roadmap for resuming elective surgery after COVID-19 pandemic
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the U.S. Surgeon General and many medical specialties such as the American College of Surgeons and the American Society of Anesthesiologists recommended interim cancellation of elective surgical procedures.

When the first wave of this pandemic is behind us, the pent-up patient demand for surgical and procedural care may be immense, and health care organizations, physicians and nurses must be prepared to meet this demand. Facility readiness to resume elective surgery will vary by geographic location.

A list of principles and considerations to guide physicians, nurses and local facilities in their resumption of care in operating rooms and all procedural areas has been developed. Read more (PDF 208.91KB).

Last chance to register for webinar on personal protective equipment
Registrations for the webinar with Australian Deputy CMO, Dr Nick Coatsworth and RACS President, Tony Sparnon are still open. Professor Guy Maddern, RACS Surgical Director of Research and Evaluation incorporating ASERNIP-S, and Dr Bridget Clancy, Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon and Chair of RACS Rural Surgery Section Committee will be participating in the Q&A session.

Spaces have filled up quickly; there are few available spaces left. If you are unable to attend, the webinar will be recorded and made available to view on the RACS COVID-19 information hub.

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