Who can apply? RACS Fellows, SIMGs, SET Trainees, Junior Doctors
Value $60,000 stipend + $6000 departmental maintenance
Interest area HTA research

Who can apply?

To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to be a RACS Fellow, Specialist International Medical Graduate (SIMG), SET Trainee or Junior Doctor. 

While it is not a requirement to be enrolled in a higher degree, the recipient must have produced both a systematic review and a peer-reviewed publication upon completion of the scholarship.

If you are a junior doctor, you must have a thorough understanding of systematic reviews and be sponsored by a RACS Fellow. You would be required to conduct this work as a collaborative research project on a mutually agreed topic with the RACS ASERNIP-S program in Adelaide.


You will be required to produce both a systematic review and a peer-reviewed publication as part of an HTA.


Selection is assessed via written application with shortlisted applicants invited to interview. The interview panel will assess the applicant on their ability to show a thorough understanding of systematic reviews. The selection panel is comprised of representatives of the ANZ Scholarship and Grant Committee.

Recipient obligations

The recipient is required to:

  • undertake the systematic review as approved by RACS.
  • submit a referee form from the proposed supervisor - this is considered certification that they are willing to accept the role of supervisor of the named research study. An expert in HTA is also required as a second supervisor. The RACS Scholarship and Grant department, together with the ASERNIP-S team, can assist with nominating supervisors.
  • provide RACS with the protocol (within 3 months full-time or 6 months part-time) and the systematic review and publication at the end of the term. All products must be of an appropriate standard.
  • present their research at the annual meeting of the Surgical Research Society of Australasia, at least once, during the scholarship period or within 12 months following the scholarship period.

Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights (including copyright, design rights, patentable rights) shall be assigned as set out below.

The scholarship recipient agrees to the provisions set out below (as applicable) and agrees to sign any other documents prepared by RACS recording this agreement:

  • Where a recipient is undertaking a higher degree where intellectual property rights arising from their endeavour have already been assigned, RACS will respect the status quo.
  • In all other cases, that is, where there is no prior assignment (that is, an assignment of rights which arose before the recipient applied for this scholarship), then in all cases all intellectual property rights shall be assigned to and reside exclusively with RACS except in so far as RACS enters into another, separate agreement with the recipient. Separate agreements may arise for matters such as thesis preparation and examination, or for a sharing of intellectual rights.


This scholarship is comprised of a stipend and a departmental component and will be paid to the administering institution following receipt of a valid tax invoice as requested by the Scholarships and Grants department. Payment will be made in one instalment prior to 1 March in the scholarship year.


Scholarships and grants department
Telephone: +61 8 8219 0924
Email: scholarships@surgeons.org