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Find a surgeon

The Find a Surgeon directory is a listing of active Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons who meet the requirements of the College's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program and have opted to be on the list. This list excludes retired or inactive Fellows.


Executive Officers


2016-2017   Philip Gregory Truskett
2015-2016   David Allan Kilpatrick Watters
2014-2015   Michael John Grigg
2012-2014   Michael John Hollands
2010-2012   Ian Donald Shepherd Civil
2008-2010   Ian Ronald Gough
2007-2008   Andrew Darcy Sutherland
2005-2007   Russell William Stitz
2003-2005   Anne Kolbe
2001-2003   Kingsley Walton Faulkner
1998-2001   Bruce Henry Barraclough
1996-1998   Colin Ulric McRae
1995-1996   John Peterson Royle
1993-1995   David Egmont Theile
1991-1993   John Chadwick Hanrahan
1989-1991   Thomas Smith Reeve
1987-1989   Edward Durham Smith
1985-1987   Donald Gordon Macleish
1983-1985   Mervyn Keith Smith
1981-1983   John Kevin Clarebrough
1979-1981   Graham Douglas Tracy
1978-1979   Hamilton D'Arcy Sutherland
1975-1978   Edward Stuart Reginald Hughes
1974-1975   John Wellesley Evan Raine
1971-1974   John Lowenthal
1969-1971   Patrick John Kenny
1968-1969   Stanley Francis Reid
1966-1968   Benjamin Keith Rank
1964-1966   Kenneth William Starr
1962-1964   Julian Ormond Smith
1961-1962   Stanley Livingstone Wilson
1959-1961   Leonard Charles Edward Lindon
1957-1959   Ian Douglas Miller
1955-1957   Ivan Bede Jose
1953-1955   Harold Robert Dew
1951-1953   Sir Victor Hurley
1949-1951   George Bell
1947-1949   Francis Gordon Bell
1945-1947   Hugh Raymond Guy Poate
1943-1945   Sir Alan Newton
1941-1943   Edward Denis Ahern
1939-1941   Sir Hugh Devine
1937-1939   Sir Louis Barnett
1935-1937   Robert Blakeway Wade
1929-1935   Sir Henry Newland
1927-1929   Sir George Syme


One vice-president

2015-2016   Graeme John Campbell
2014-2015   David Allan Kilpatrick Watters
2012-2014   Michael John Grigg
2010-2012   Keith Louis Anthony Mutimer
2008-2010   Ian Carnegie Dickinson
2007-2008   Ian Ronald Gough
2005-2007   Stephen Arthur Deane
2003-2005   Peter William Harold Woodruff
2001-2003   Anne Kolbe
2000-2001   Kingsley Walton Faulkner
1999-2000   Alastair Rowland Brown
1998-1999   Donald Harley Gray
1996-1998   Rupert Leigh Atkinson
1995-1996   Colin Ulric McRae
1993-1995   John Peterson Royle
1991-1993   David Egmont Theile
1990-1991   Bernard McCarthy O'Brien

Two vice-presidents, senior and junior

1989-1990   Brian Patrick Morgan and Bernard McCarthy O'Brien
1987-1989   Selim Abraham Mellick and Thomas Smith Reeve
1985-1987   Edward Durham Smith and Richard Clayton Bennett
1983-1985   Donald Gordon Macleish and Arthur Wynyard Beasley
1982-1983   Mervyn Keith Smith and John Ludbrook
1981-1982   John Ernest Dunlop Goldie and Mervyn Keith Smith
1979-1981   John Ernest Dunlop Goldie and John Kevin Clarebrough
1978-1979   Peter Braithwaite and Graham Douglas Tracy
1977-1978   Hamilton D'Arcy Sutherland and Peter Braithwaite
1975-1977   James Warwick Fraser Macky and Hamilton D'Arcy Sutherland
1974-1975   Edward Stuart Reginald Hughes and Clarence Arthur Campbell Leggett
1973-1974   John Wellesley Evan Raine and Clarence Arthur Campbell Leggett
1971-1973   Alistair Campbell McEachern and John Wellesley Evan Raine
1969-1971   Russell Norfolk Howard and Bryan Tobin Keon-Cohen
1968-1969   Patrick John Kenny and Bryan Tobin Keon-Cohen
1967-1968   Stanley Francis Reid and Patrick John Kenny
1966-1967   Alan Harding Lendon and Stanley Francis Reid
1964-1966   Benjamin Keith Rank and Alan Harding Lendon
1963-1964   Kenneth William Starr and Alan Harding Lendon
1962-1963   Kenneth William Starr and Benjamin Keith Rank
1961-1962   Julian Ormond Smith and Kenneth William Starr
1960-1961   Neville Graham Sutton and Stanley Livingstone Wilson

Two vice-presidents of equal rank

1959-1960   Neville Graham Sutton and Stanley Livingstone Wilson
1957-1959   Leonard Charles Edward Lindon and Eardley Lorimer Button
1955-1957   Clifford Henry Coomer Searby and Ian Douglas Miller
1954-1955   Ivan Bede Jose and Clifford Henry Coomer Searby
1951-1954   Harold Robert Dew and Ivan Bede Jose
1947-1951   Thomas Edward Victor Hurley and Harold Robert Dew
1945-1947   Francis Gordon Bell and Thomas Edward Victor Hurley
1943-1945   Hugh Raymond Guy Poate and Francis Gordon Bell
1941-1943   Sir Alan Newton and Hugh Raymond Guy Poate
1939-1941   Sir Alan Newton and Sir John McKelvey (succeeded by Edward Denis Ahern)
1937-1939   Sir Hugh Devine and Sir Alan Newton
1933-1937   Sir Louis Barnett and Hugh Berchmans Devine
1927-1933   Sir Alexander MacCormick and Sir Louis Barnett



2014-2016   Philip Gregory Truskett
2012-2014   Simon Alan Williams
2010-2012   Mark Gordon Edwards
2007-2010   Ian Donald Shepherd Civil
2006-2007   Ian Ronald Gough
2003-2006   Patricia Margaret Davidson
2001-2003   Richard Hugh West
1998-2001   Anne Kolbe
1995-1998   Donald Harley Gray
1991-1995   Brendan John Dooley
1989-1991   David Egmont Theile
1986-1989   Brian Patrick Morgan
1983-1986   Selim Abraham Mellick
1979-1983   Donald Gordon Macleish
1975-1979   John Ernest Dunlop Goldie
1974-1975   Hamilton D'Arcy Sutherland
1969-1974   Edward Stuart Reginald Hughes
1966-1969   Bryan Tobin Keon-Cohen
1962-1966   Stanley Francis Reid
1961-1962   Benjamin Keith Rank
1954-1961   Julian Ormond Smith
1949-1954   Clifford Henry Coomer Searby
1943-1949   William Allan Hailes
1933-1943   Hibbert Alan Stephen Newton
1931-1933   Robert Hamilton Russell


1929-1931   Robert Hamilton Russell
1927-1929   Sir George Syme




2012-2016  Marianne Vonau
2010-2012  Michael John Hollands 

Honorary Treasurer

2007-2010   Keith Louis Anthony Mutimer
2003-2007   Andrew Darcy Sutherland
2000-2003   Peter William Harold Woodruff
1998-2000   Kingsley Walton Faulkner
1995-1998   Bruce Henry Barraclough
1993-1995   Colin Ulric McRae
1991-1993   John Peterson Royle
1987-1991   John Chadwick Hanrahan
1979-1987   Richard Clayton Bennett
1977-1979   John Kevin Clarebrough
1975-1977   Peter Braithwaite
1969-1975   Frank Douglas Stephens
1968-1969   Russell Norfolk Howard
1958-1968   Charles James Officer Brown
1951-1958   Edgar Samuel John King
1949-1951   Frederick John Orr Colahan
1937-1949   Balcombe Quick
1936-1937   Julian Ormond Smith

Honorary Secretary and Treasurer

1933-1936   Julian Ormond Smith
1929-1933   Hibbert Alan Stephen Newton
1927-1929   Augustus Leo Kenny

Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officer/Executive General Manager

2019-         John Biviano
2017-2019 Mary Harney
2004-2017 David John Hillis
2003-2003 David Ferguson Scott (Acting CEO)
1999-2003 Vincenzo Massaro
1997-1999 Peter Henry Carter

College Secretary

1989-1997   Peter Henry Carter
1962-1989   Raymond Arthur Chapman
1934-1962   Harold Gordon Wheeler

Honorary Secretary

1961-1962   Russell Norfolk Howard
1942-1945   George Robin Adlington Syme

Honorary Secretary and Treasurer

1933-1936   Julian Ormond Smith
1929-1933   Hibbert Alan Stephen Newton
1927-1929   Augustus Leo Kenny

Honorary Assistant Secretary

1933-1936   George Robin Adlington Syme
1932-1933   Julian Ormond Smith

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