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The Find a Surgeon directory is a listing of active Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons who meet the requirements of the College's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program and have opted to be on the list. This list excludes retired or inactive Fellows.



Short term training overview - in Australia

The short term Training in a Medical Specialty Pathway enables an International Medical Graduate (IMG) who is an overseas qualified specialist or an overseas specialist-in-training to undertake short term training in Australia without being required to complete the Australian Medical Council (AMC) examinations or to have a full comparability assessment undertaken by RACS. In this context, 'short term' is usually considered to be up to 24 months.

To ascertain whether the IMG is a suitable applicant to undertake a short term position/program, and to ensure hospitals offering such positions/programs provide IMGs with:

  • an appropriate scope of work
  • adequate clinical and academic supervision and
  • a designated supervisor.

It is essential that the employer/sponsor and/or institution has assessed and verified that the applicant:

  • is an overseas-trained specialist or is an overseas specialist-in-training, having either passed the relevant specialist examinations or is no more than two years from completing specialist training in their country of training;
  • will be undertaking this position (which may include such opportunities as exchange fellowships) for the purpose of specific training or up skilling in their specialty or obtaining experience in their specialty not available in their country of training;
  • has the stated intention of returning to their country of training at the end of the short-term program, which shall not be for a period of longer than two years.

It is not expected that the training will lead to the awarding of an Australian Specialist Fellowship.

Under this pathway the: 

  1. IMG applies for and is offered a short term training position 
  2. IMG applies to the (AMC) for primary source verification (PSV) of their medical qualifications
  3. AMC verifies medical qualifications through ECFMG EPIC or ECIS 
  4. AMC receives EICS or EPIC number from ECFMG and uploads on a secure portal for use by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA)
  5. IMG applies directly to RACS online application form for short term training using a MBA Application for assessment by a medical college AAMC-30
  6. RACS conducts a paper based assessment 
  7. RACS provides a copy of its advise to the MBA and to the IMG 
  8. IMG applies to MBA for limited registration postgraduate training or supervised practice using MBA application form ALPS-30 
  9. The MBA decides whether to grant registration (based on RACS advice and any other information relevant)

Application form for short term training pathway in Australia

RACS has launched an online application system for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) wishing to apply for the RACS short term Training Pathway.

The new web-based online form provides a streamlined application process for candidates. Paper-based applications will not be accepted after 31 March 2018. 

The new online application system delivers:

  • Clearer application requirements and categorization eligibility 
  • A reduction in documents required
  • Functionality that allows applicants to upload documents, save their application and login multiple times
  • A clear snapshot of application progress and outstanding requirements
  • Ability to pay online

Important information before applying:

  1. Read the Short Term Training in a Medical Specialty Pathway policy
  2. Read the Checklist  for short term training (or Checklist for Extension if applying for an extension)
  3. Apply directly to the AMC for primary source verification (PSV) of your medical qualifications
  4. A separate application is required for each individual application
  5. Fees are payable by credit card or PayPal
  6. IMGs have 12 weeks to upload all required documentation and make payment towards the short term training fee

How to apply for short term training:

This process requires the IMG to:

  1. Go to RACS short term training application
  2. Select "Create Account"
  3. Once an account has been created, log on to the short term application using your new account credentials
  4. Select "Short Term Training Application" or "Short Term Extension Application"
  5. Select Yes if "you are completing the application" or No if you "you are completing on behalfof the Applicant" and hit "continue"
  6. Ensure all fields and appropriate documentation are completed and submitted with the application


The application fee for short term training is: AUD $1430.00 (inclusive of 10% GST)


IMG Department 
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
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Telephone: +61 3 9276 7453
Fax: +61 3 9249 1298


Short term training overview - in New Zealand

New Zealand Special Purpose Pathway Overview

The Special Purpose Pathway is for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who intend working in New Zealand for a fixed period of time for a specific purpose. The Medical Council of New Zealand's (MCNZ) special purpose scopes for practice are for:

  • teaching as a visiting expert
  • undertaking a period of post-graduate training carrying out research
  • working as a locum tenens
  • working in an emergency situation
  • working in a disaster

For more information about special purpose scopes visit the MCNZ's website.