RACS Global Health Specialty Coordinator

RACS Global Health are looking to recruit for the role of Orthopaedic Specialty Coordinator (Pro-bono). This role will provide clinical expertise, support and guidance on our Asia-Pacific programs. The role will be working alongside the RACS Global Health team to onboard new Orthopaedic Surgeon volunteers, assist with program planning and design, and review any relevant visit reports and provide clinical expertise where required. 

Applicants must have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and international experience is desirable. Applicants must submit their CV, qualification, practicing certificate and a brief overview of any relevant experience to global.health@surgeons.org. The closing date for applications is 30 September 2021. 

Read the terms of reference (PDF 173.66KB).

Global Health Consultant: Donor Mapping Report

RACS Global Health is seeking a short-term consultant (or team) to prepare a Donor Mapping Report (the Report).

The Report will comprise two parts:

Part 1: Donor Environmental Scan:  Donor Mapping - Emerging Donors and Sectors

This is a research and analysis piece mapping existing and prospective sources of international health sector development grant funding in the  Asia Pacific region which aligns with RACS Global Health Strategy (2017- 21) any Country or Regional Strategy papers available), the MELF/Theory of Change) and the existing programmatic footprint overseas and organisational capabilities.  Once the consultant’s knowledge of RACS Global Health is well established, this work should shift to prioritisation of donors with a view to identifying 2-3 high value targets and specific funding opportunities at each level. The consultant will:

  • identify existing emerging or untapped high potential donors.  
  • identify opportunities and market trends which are highly relevant to RACS and gaps in current capabilities to maximise grant acquisition with these donors.  
  • recommend actions, donors to be targeted and funding opportunities based on this analysis. 

Part 2:  Donor Deep Dive : Funding and Eligibility Requirements

For each of the identified high priority donors, Part 2 will outline the key funding opportunities, including a detailed examination, where possible, of the:

  • objectives of the identified opportunities and identification of alignment with RACS Global Health domains of change & strategic priorities 
  • timing and requirements of any call for proposal/tender arrangements and the funding cycles of the opportunities identified 
  • eligibility of RACS Global Health for the funding opportunity (e.g. legal status, financial or accreditation arrangements/ or other specific due diligence requirements, geographic focus of programming, particular focus on cross-cutting issues (e.g. gender, disability inclusion, environmental waste management, counter-terrorism & fraud, child safeguarding, prevention of sexual exploitation abuse and harassment), local partner requirements, etc.
  • funding thresholds (minimum and maximum), including whether funding levels impact on level of compliance arrangements required to be met by grant applicants 
  • identify any emerging trends and changing requirements in the areas of partnerships, management, and compliance from current and emerging donor 
  • requirement for match funding or co financing, and internal cost recovery margins set by the donor for the relevant funding opportunity
  • extent to which the donor funding opportunities leverage and multiply the effects of RACS existing programmatic footprint in the Pacific and in Timor Leste.
  • trends in donors financing or use of new or innovative ‘fee for service’ models at market rates (e.g. Australian managing contractors).

Key deliverables include:

  1. Part 1 Donor Mapping Report - Donor Environmental Scan: completion of by 1 October 2021. 
  2. Workshop 1 with RACS Global Health team to present analysis and recommendations from Part 1 of the Report by 6 October 2021.  The workshop will enable RACS GH to make decisions regarding which donors should be the focal point for Part 2 of the Report. 
  3. Part 2 Donor Mapping Report by 5 November 2021:  based on the decisions from Workshop 1, prepare Donor ‘deep dive’ Summaries for each of the targeted donors. This should include a finalised assessment of new potential grant markets and recommended actions to meet new donor priorities and requirements.
  4. Deliver Final Part 1 & Part 2 Donor Mapping Report by 5 November 2021.
  5. Workshop 2 with RACS Global Health team (early to mid-November 2021) to present the Final Report and summarise analysis and recommendations to RACS Global Health Team.

A project inception meeting will also be held with the RACS Global Health Team at the commencement of the consultancy to refine and finalise the Donor Mapping Report Work Plan.

The Consultant 

RACS is seeking to engage a suitably qualified consultant. Applications will be accepted from both individual consultants or consultancy teams. The specific skills and experience required by the individual or team are as follows:

  • Seven - ten plus years’ experience and/or expertise in business development, donor engagement strategy & grants acquisition processes to diverse donors in international development. 
  • Strong awareness and access to donors, donor mapping resources, and on-line research and analysis skills. 
  • Solid understanding of international development market trends of donors, funding opportunities from around the world and trends in grants requirements and compliance across a wide range of donors. 
  • Ability to work effectively with clients and stakeholders to meet deadlines and deliver work required to a consistently high standard.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to deliver analysis and produce high quality accurate reports and assessments. 
  • Excellent Proficiency in MS Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.
  • Tertiary qualifications in international development, humanities, international relations, international business development/international development economics, or other relevant field. 
  • Specific expertise in grants or donors in the international health sector would be well considered.

Expression of Interest

To apply for this consultancy, please submit an Expression of Interest providing the following:

  • a Donor Mapping proposal and workplan: outlines a proposed structure for the Report, outline of proposed style of presentation approach, research methodology for expected outputs, a workplan and expected timeframes for the completion of each deliverable and allocation of staff for each component.
  • a high-level budget that details the expected number of days per activity/deliverable and daily rate of each team member. 
  • CVs of applicants and/or teams members 
  • evidence of a body of work in this field which demonstrates your capability to meet the requirements and deliverables of the consultancy. Please provide 2 examples of written work with your application.
  • two professional referees that can substantiate your claims and capability to undertake the consultancy.
  • a cover letter addressing why the applicant or consultancy team are best placed to deliver this work, based on the applicant or the proposed Team’s skills, qualifications and previous work experience and the relevant selection criteria. This document should be a maximum of three pages.  

Please refer to the attached terms of reference (PDF 327.65KB) for a detailed outline of project deliverables, selection criteria and requirements.

Applications should be submitted to rachel.swain@surgeons.org by 10 am Monday 23 August 2021. Applicants should be available for an interview within the two weeks following submission. For any enquiries please contact Rachel Swain, Global Health Grants and Partnerships Advisor via email: rachel.swain@surgeons.org. 

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