Process Communication Model Seminar1

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South Australia

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Start Time: 16/11/2018 09:00

Finish Time:
18/11/2018 17:00

RACS Office, Adelaide

Organised By:
Professional Development

Contact Number:
+61 3 92491106

Contact Person:
Annette Cooray

Process Communication Model Seminar 1


Patient care is a team effort and a functioning team is based on effective communication. PCM is a tool which can help you to understand, motivate and communicate more effectively with others. It can help you detect early signs of miscommunication and thus avoid errors. PCM can also help to identify stress in yourself and others, providing you with a means to re-connect with those you may be struggling to understand.

PCM theory proposes that each person has motivational needs that must be met if that person is to be successful. These needs are different for each of the six different personality types; each person represents a combination of these types but usually one is dominant. If these needs are met positively, individuals are happier, healthier and more productive. If the needs are not met positively, individuals exhibit signs of 'distress' and do things consciously or subconsciously to get their needs met negatively.

Before the Introductory PCM course each participant is required to complete a diagnostic questionnaire which forms the basis of an individualised report about their preferred communication style