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The Find a Surgeon directory is a listing of active Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons who meet the requirements of the College's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program and have opted to be on the list. This list excludes retired or inactive Fellows.


Your bequest: The ultimate gift to advance surgical care.

The gift of health could be your lasting legacy.Grandpa

You can forever advance surgical care by including a bequest gift to the Foundation for Surgery in your Will.

The health and well-being of future generations depends on the research we do now. Over the past 30 years, the Foundation for Surgery has helped fund some of the most exciting research conducted in Australia and New Zealand.

This research has made significant progress in the battle to overcome some of the greatest health challenges of our time and reduce their impact on people and their families. But we have a long way to go.

Your bequest - of any size - will make an extraordinary difference, change lives and advance your area of passion or speciality forever.

Did you know ...

All Foundation for Surgery costs are generously provided for by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, ensuring 100% of your gift is dedicated to your area of passion. Unlike other charities, no fees are deducted. This means that every cent of your precious gift achieves its maximum impact in the community.

How to include a gift to the Foundation for Surgery in your WillDocs

Including a gift to Foundation for Surgery in your Will is a simple process.

Simple steps for remembering the Foundation for Surgery in your Will:

  1. Contact Jessica Redwood, Manager, Foundation for Surgery. She would love to hear from you and is there to help ensure you have all the information you need.
  2. Consult your legal advisor about the most appropriate gift for your circumstances.
  3. Discuss your decision with your family and loved ones. This will ensure they understand and support your reasons for choosing to help the Foundation for Surgery in such a powerful way.
    Please let us know if you decide to include the Foundation for Surgery in your Will. This will help us plan properly for the future, thank you personally and keep you up to date with the latest activities and outcomes.

1927 SocietySigning

Including a gift in your Will, is a powerful act of foresight and compassion. The 1927 Society is established to honour and appreciate our kind benefactors.

If you have included a bequest to the Foundation for Surgery in your Will, please let us know so we can personally thank you and invite you to join the 1927 Society.

Contact us for more information

If you would like more information about leaving a bequest, please contact Jessica Redwood, Manager, Foundation for Surgery, on +61 3 9249 1110 or at for a confidential chat.