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The Find a Surgeon directory is a listing of active Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons who meet the requirements of the College's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program and have opted to be on the list. This list excludes retired or inactive Fellows.


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What will you learn?

Surgeons as leaders in everyday practice is a one and a half day program which looks at the development of both the individual and clinical teams leadership capabilities. It will concentrate on leadership styles, emotional intelligence, values and communication and how they all influence their capacity to lead others to enhance patient outcomes. It will form part of a leadership journey sharing and gaining valuable experiences and tools to implement in their own workplace. All meals, accommodation and educational expenses are included in the registration fee. The evening session will involve an inspirational leadership speaker.

Key learning outcomes

  •  Identify the role of the clinical leader and the opportunities for leadership in surgery
  •  Identify own preferred leadership style and how personal values can influence behaviour
  •  Discover what motivates team members and how to build cohesive teams
  •  Determine strategies for taking action and overcoming barriers to change
  •  Identify strategies for dealing with conflict effectively
  •  Understand the principles of emotional intelligence and insight
  •  Adapt their communication style and behaviour to different settings
  •  Recognise and appropriately respond to stressors in themselves and others

Target group - Fellows, IMGs, Trainees and other medical specialists

Key details

Location and date:

6 & 7 April 2018- Christchurch, NZ

8 & 9 June 2018- Goldcoast, QLD

3 & 4 August 2018- Sydney, NSW

10 & 11 August 2018- Canberra, ACT

23 & 24 November 2018- Melbourne, VIC

Fee:(all values include GST):
A$660 NZ$740 for members (Fellows, Trainees or International Medical Graduates within the College)
A$795 NZ$890 for non-members of the College

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points:

This educational activity has been approved in the College's CPD Program. Fellows who participate can claim 1 point per hour (maximum of 11 points) in Category 3 - Maintenance of Knowledge and Skills. For those with a RACS CPD requirement this activity will be automatically uploaded to your record.

Presenters: Leadership consultants and RACS Fellows


Registrations are now open. (log in required).

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