National Alcohol Strategy 2018-2026


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26 February 2018

Australia has been without a National Alcohol Strategy since 2011 and needs a plan that is going to achieve change.
While there are sensible opportunities for action and a summary of recent evidence within the current Consultation Draft, it lacks a tangible program of activity and clearly defined performance measures. It also lacks detail on how objectives will be implemented, timeframes, and accountability mechanisms.

The Consultation Draft does not acknowledge the influence of the alcohol industry which provides significant political donations to both the major parties.

RACS supports the suggestions made by the National Alliance for Action on Alcohol in its joint submission with the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education to this consultation.

These include adopting the National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 model or similar to put meaningful support behind a National Alcohol Strategy, adopting a system of strong accountability measures to monitor progress, and introducing priority actions with timeframes.