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The Find a Surgeon directory is a listing of active Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons who meet the requirements of the College's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program and have opted to be on the list. This list excludes retired or inactive Fellows.


The College has medals and prizes whose recipients are approved by the Council, after a recommendation is made by the Awards Committee. The Committee is related to honorific awards only, and is not involved in decisions about the allocation of research and training awards that have monetary value or in recommending named lecturers.

Awards Committee

Policies - Awards and Honours
The Policies include information on how nominations are made for each Award.


Honorary Fellowships

Council was first given the power to elect Honorary Fellows under the by-laws adopted at the first meeting of the founders of the College in Dunedin on 5 February 1927.

The purpose of the award is to recognise significant work of eminent individuals in any field of endeavour.

Honorary Fellowship Recipients


Singular awards

Singular awards are awards of outstanding service. They are considered at the October meetings of the Awards Committee and Council, and are presented at the Annual Scientific Congress (ASC).


Awards for Excellence in Surgery

An Award created to recognise excellence in surgery in Australia and New Zealand. The Award may be for clinical performance, for research or for education and may be made to an individual, a unit or a group.

Award Recipients


Companion of the College

An honour created to recognise the contributions of a person to the College and to the community through conspicuous continued involvement.

Award Recipients


Court of Honour

The Court of Honour exists to both honour its members and provide advice to Council. Members of the Court will be chosen from those who have shown continuing personal interest in the College.

Award Recipients


Sir Hugh Devine Medal

Awarded for meritorious service to surgery and is the highest honour that the College can bestow upon a Fellow during their lifetime. Sir Hugh Devine achieved world fame for his surgical skills and originality of thought, and was knighted for his contributions to surgery.

Award Recipients


Sir Louis Barnett Medal

For outstanding contributions to education, training and advancement in surgery. Sir Louis Barnett was responsible for the original proposals, in 1920, to create a New Zealand or Australasian association of surgeons.

Award Recipients 


Sir Alan Newton Surgical Education Medal

The Sir Alan Newton Surgical Education Medal was created in memory of the late Sir Alan Newton in order to recognise a distinguished and substantial contribution to surgical education over a prolonged period of time.

Award Recipients


Distinguished awards

Distinguished awards are awards of merit. They are considered at any of Awards Committee and Council meetings and may be presented at the ASC, New Zealand or regional meeting at the discretion of the College President or the Awards Committee.


Colin McRae Medal

Recognises and promotes the art and science of surgery and surgical leadership in New Zealand and honours those who have made outstanding contributions in this way.

Award Recipients


ESR Hughes Award

For distinguished contributions to surgery by Fellows of the College and others.

Award Recipients


Gordon Trinca Medal

A prestigious honour that recognises and promotes contributions to trauma care with particular emphasis on trauma education and teaching.

Award Recipients


Heslop Medal

Acknowledges contributions to the Board of Basic Surgical Training and its committees.

Award Recipients


John Corboy Medal

Recognises exceptional service by a Trainee and is awarded on the recommendation of the Trainees' Association.

Award Recipients


RACS Medal

To recognise singularly valuable and dedicated contributions to the College by Fellows and others.

Award Recipients


RACS International Medal

Awarded to a Fellow who has provided a lasting contribution of an exceptional nature over a long period of time in the delivery or development of surgery for underprivileged communities overseas.

Award Recipients


RACS Surgical Research Award

An honour created to recognise the contribution of a pre-eminent surgical scientist who has made significant contributions to surgical research.

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Rural Surgeons Award

To acknowledge significant contributions to surgery in rural settings in New Zealand and Australia (previously Provincial Surgeons Award).

Award Recipients


Other awards

Henry Windsor Lectureship

The purpose of the award is to enable each state committee and the New Zealand National Board on a rotational basis to appoint a visiting surgeon or scientist from another state or New Zealand to attend and contribute to its annual or other general meeting of Fellows.

Award Recipients


RACS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Medal

An annual award to acknowledge significant contributions by Fellows to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health advocacy and health outcomes in Australia.

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Award Recipients


RACS Māori Health Medal

An annual award to acknowledge significant contributions by Fellows to Māori Health advocacy and health outcomes in New Zealand.

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Award Recipients


Requests for comment on nominations for awards in Orders of Australia and New Zealand

All requests should be referred to the Australian or New Zealand Executive Director of Surgical Affairs (EDSA) for opinion.

In those cases where the contribution of the individual nominated has largely been confined to their state or territory, or within a particular surgical specialty, the request would be referred on to the appropriate College committee and/or Specialty Society for action.

Where the contribution has been at the national/international level, particularly in relation to the College, a draft letter of recommendation should be prepared by the EDSA for the consideration and signature of the president.

A summary of the central and peripheral recommendations should be prepared for review by the Awards Committee at its regular meetings to ensure consistency in the application of the process.