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Queensland Younger Fellows Grant 2018

The Queensland Younger Fellows Grant has been initiated by the Younger Fellows group of the RACS Queensland State Committee (QSC) to assist those working or studying in Queensland to travel either interstate or overseas to further post Fellowship work/studies, prior to returning to Queensland to practice. The generosity of the RACS and Sponsors of the Queensland Preparation for Practice Workshop enabled the Grant to be established in 2017.

The Grant aims to provide a means for the QSC to both support the return of local Younger Fellows into practice and/or to encourage their acquisition of surgical experiences to benefit Queensland; and to provide a means for the QSC to encourage Younger Fellows to support the Queensland State Meeting (QLD ASM) and College activities more broadly.

The Queensland Younger Fellows Grant is valued at A$2500 (incl. GST). A further A$500 (incl. GST) is provided to the QSC for the attendance of the recipient at the QLD ASM to cover Registration and the official meeting dinner.

Eligibility criteria

The applicant must be a Younger Fellow of the College (within 10 years of gaining Fellowship) at the time of submitting their application; and

The Younger Fellow is presently working or studying in Queensland and must be planning to travel either interstate or overseas within the next 12 months to further post Fellowship work/studies, prior to returning to Queensland to practice; or

The Younger Fellow is presently pursuing post Fellowship work/studies outside of Queensland and is planning on coming to Queensland to practice within the next 12 months. 


Applications are now open until Monday 12 November 2018.

Application Form

For those undertaking post Fellowship work/studies interstate or overseas, this includes:

  • proposed itinerary
  • details of work and/or study to be undertaken
  • envisaged benefits of this activity.

For those returning to practice in Queensland, this would include:

  • details of practice in Queensland, geographical and public/private surgical services or skills you will provide.

All applicants should also include:

  • details of any financial support or funding already secured (for example, research grants, sponsorship and/or other grants)
  • the proposed use of the grant funds.

Please note: Additional funding from external bodies may affect selection.

Guidelines for selection

Selection will be dependent on:

  • the applicant's ability to demonstrate the benefits of his/her further studies/experiences to the surgical community in Queensland
  • the applicant's ability to provide a clear plan of their proposed studies, emphasising the benefits to be gained
  • inclusion of confirmation letter from the institution, supervising consultant/unit or overseeing society; and/or a confirmation of public appointment letter or letter of intent to practice from private hospital executive.

Consideration will be given to those:

  • in their earlier post Fellowship years
  • having secured structured appointments to established units over less structured proposals
  • who have not secured alternative financial support
  • who are providing a new or expanded service or practicing in an area of need
  • who have previous attendance at QLD Preparation for Practice Workshop or the QLD ASM
  • who have involvement with RACS or the Younger Fellows Committee (YFC)

Reporting and other requirements

On completion of the fellowship, the recipient is required to:

  • provide a written report on their experience for the QSC and the YFC within three months of returning to Queensland
  • present a brief descriptive paper at the Queensland Annual State Meeting (ASM) within the year of returning to Queensland to practice
  • prepare a paper (including photographs) suitable for publication in Surgical News within three months following their return.


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