2023 | Volume 24 | Issue 2


“Research is creating new knowledge” - Neil Armstrong

Thanks to our Fellows dedication and donors' generosity, RACS scholarships, grants and Fellowships have grown over the decades. RACS and the Foundation for Surgery are pleased to offer a range of research scholarships and learning, and development grants for funding in 2024, including 11 continuing scholarships from the 2023 program. These funding opportunities support RACS members in their dedication to research, learning and development. This helps RACS to achieve its goal to inspire in surgeons a lifelong dedication to learning in surgical practice and technique.

On behalf of the ANZ Scholarship and Grant Committee, I thank the many Fellows and RACS members who commit their time and expertise to the program. We can be proud that these opportunities benefit not only the individuals who receive them, but also contribute to the development of research, surgical practise and leadership in our local and global surgical communities.

Dr Sarah Coll, Chair
Australia & New Zealand Scholarship and Grant Committee


RACS scholarships and grants


The 2024 applications open 26 April 2023 and close 31 May 2023. We encourage applications from Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Māori and women applicants as we support RACS focus on:

  • Removing barriers to participation in surgical advancement
  • Recognising that some people can experience disadvantage
  • continuing and enhancing initiatives designed to encourage the participation in surgical advancement for people from all walks of life. 

Advertised opportunities are an initial guide only. 

  • The value of these awards are in Australian dollars and are for a tenure of one year unless otherwise stated. Where a higher degree is required, it is for a Masters, PhD or equivalent, or as indicated.
  • Early-career surgeons are Trainees or Fellows within 10 years of obtaining a Fellowship.
  • FRACS applicants may apply where eligible, for all opportunities listed for Fellows, subject to providing evidence of completing all Fellowship requirements by 1 December in the year of application.
  • SET applicants may also apply where eligible, subject to providing evidence of acceptance into the SET Program by 1 December in the year of application.

Visit our website to find out more about the following scholarships and grants:

- Learning and development grants
- Research scholarships