2023 | Volume 24 | Issue 6

The Foundation’s End of Year Appeal is seeking donations to support the RACS Global Health programs to provide the essential surgical needs in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Foundation for Surgery raises much needed funds to provide vital resources to assist in addressing critical surgical and clinical needs in disadvantaged communities, improving health equity, including supporting research and training.

Communities across the Indo-Pacific region continue to face the harsh realities of living without access to specialised medical care, particularly in the resource limited settings that RACS Global Health works in.

In 2024, the RACS Global Health Team—at the request of Ministries of Health— will be deploying visiting volunteer medical teams to assist with the provision of critical specialised medical treatment for patients and critical training for national health specialists across the Indo-Pacific region.

Our teams work together with national clinicians to build their skills and capacity, while saving and changing the lives of the clinicians and patients we work with. This won’t be possible without our donor support.

Donations to the End of Year Appeal can be made up until 31 January 2024.

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