2024 | Volume 25 | Issue 1

The RACS Supervisor Support Hub webpage underwent a comprehensive revision and redesign in 2023 to improve user experience and bring it up to date in line with other pages on the RACS website.

Supervisors of surgical training are critical to the ongoing success of surgical education and training. The high standards supervisors expect of Trainees through their training ensure that those who become FRACS are well prepared to provide the best standards of surgical care for the communities in which they practice. RACS values the important contributions of supervisors and trainers, and we are committed to supporting them by anticipating and responding to their needs.

The Supervisors Support Hub was created in response to feedback that supervisors found it challenging to identify and access the resources they required. The Supervisor Support Hub has been designed as a landing page with core information and links to other relevant information specific to the needs and interests of supervisors and trainers.

Some examples of the information and sections of the Supervisor Support Hub include:

Announcements – These are recent key documents, resources and strategies highlighted to inform or support supervisors and trainers with their roles and responsibilities.

The Supervisor Framework – This was developed to help clarify the expectations of this important role. The framework is a guide for supervisors, which can also be used by them for their professional development by reflecting on the defined supervision competencies and identifying areas they may like to explore and develop further.

Links to the podcasts Coffee Break Conversations with Surgical Supervisors—are created specifically for supervisors and explore common and curly problems of surgical supervision. In this podcast series a RACS medical educator interviews a range of interesting guests to discuss ideas and strategies for teaching and assessing surgical Trainees and SIMGs.

There are links to recommended CPD and PD opportunities relevant to supervisors and trainers and to the Academy of Surgical Educators.

Supervisors and trainers are encouraged to provide feedback via email to: [email protected] to request any additional information or resources to be added to the Supervisor Support Hub.