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    The RACS Guide to Assessing Professional Skills has been released.
    The Guide supports the RACS Professional Skills Curriculum (PSC) and will assist surgeons, supervisors, Trainees, SIMGs and our colleagues to understand and assess the complex skills required in modern surgical training and practice. The RACS PSC describes the knowledge, skills, and behaviour expected of surgical Trainees in eight of the ten RACS competencies, and the Guide provides practical assessment tools to guide assessing professional Skills. 

    For more on the PSC select Announcements below.

  • Coffee Break Conversations

    Coffee Break Conversations with Surgical Supervisors

    This new series of podcasts has been developed to support Surgical Supervisors and Trainers with their important role of educating and training new surgeons.

  • Professional Development

    Professional Development (PD)

    RACS offers a range of PD courses for those involved in clinical training, assessment, feedback, and indirect supervision for SET Trainees, SIMGs, and JDOCs.
    For a list of recommended RACS courses for Supervisors and Trainers select the Professional Development link.

  • CPD

    CPD Supervisors

    Under RACS CPD program Supervisors will be credited with 15 CPD Points annually under the category of Performance Review of others.
    For more information select the CPD Supervisors link.

  • Academy of Surgical Educators

    Academy of Surgical Educators

  • Resources to assist Supervisors

    Resources to assist Supervisors

  • The Supervisor Support Hub

    The Supervisor Framework