Critical Literature Evaluation and Research (CLEAR)

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The course is available to doctors post graduate year 1 and above, including Fellows.

CLEAR is a mandatory component of surgical training in General, Urology, and Orthopaedic - NZ only. Trainees required to complete CLEAR will automatically receive information about registering when entering the training program.

If CLEAR is a mandatory component of your training and you believe that you may be eligible for exemption, please make your request in writing to the chair of your specialty training board.


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$1470 (including GST)

In Australia, the CLEAR course is an approved course under the tax system. This exempts SET trainees required to complete CLEAR from having 10% GST levied on their course fees. Australian fees for all other CLEAR course participants are subject to 10% GST.

New Zealand

$1770 (including GST)

Courses conducted in New Zealand will be invoiced in NZ dollars, regardless of residential country of applicant.

Transfer fee

If you request transfer to an alternative course, a transfer fee to cover relevant administrative costs will be payable, regardless of whether the course invoice has been raised and/or paid at the time the request is made.

If the request is made ten or less weeks before the course start date, the cancellation policy will also apply.  In this instance, in addition to the initial course fee that has been paid, you will then be required to pay the following:


  • Half of the fee for the course to which you are transferring (if request made between six and ten weeks before the course)
  • The entire fee for the course to which you are transferring (if request made less than six weeks before course)


  • The transfer fee

In 2015, the course transfer fee is AU$205 (incl. GST) and NZ$245 (incl. GST).

Cancellation policy

For cancellations less than ten weeks before the course, participants receive a 50% refund.  There are no refunds for cancellations less than six weeks before the course.

This policy also applies should you elect to transfer to another course within this time frame, as outlined under 'Transfer fee'.

Course Schedule

In 2015, there will are two different CLEAR courses available.

Provider course
Provider courses run for two days and are conducted for a maximum of thirty-two participants. The provider course is a combination of engaging lectures and small group teaching held on various dates and locations across Australia and New Zealand.

CLEAR Course Schedule 2015 (PDF 8KB)

CLEAR Course Program 2015 (PDF 49KB)

Consultants course
The consultants course runs for two days and is conducted for a maximum of thirty-two participants. Course content is specifically intended to be relevant for Consultants and is delivered via a combination of engaging lectures and small group teaching.

For further information related to the CLEAR course for Consultants please click  here.


CLEAR administrator

Skills Training Department
Division of Education Development and Assessment
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
College of Surgeons' Gardens
250-290 Spring Street, East Melbourne VIC 3002

Telephone: +61 3 9276 7450
Facsimile: +61 3 9249 1298