Monitoring and Evaluation of the Surgical Education Training program

RACS has a responsibility to continuously monitor, evaluate and improve the Surgical Education Training program to ensure that Trainees are receiving high-quality surgical education and training. 


The main objectives of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) at RACS are to: 

  • Monitor and evaluate educational and other activities with a view to improving these activities
  • Ensure that the mandatory M&E requirements by the regulatory bodies for various programs and activities are adequately met
  • Establish mechanisms to support committees to monitor and evaluate the activities and processes they are undertaking

In the future, Monitoring and Evaluation reports will be available from this location, once they have been prepared, reviewed and approved. 

The Framework Structure

The Framework Structure identifies the relationship between the SET Program’s activities and inputs, and the intended outputs and outcomes of the training program.

The inputs and activities are the resources and components of the training program. The intended outputs are the day-to-day products or services produced as part of the training program. This includes the development of competencies by Trainees, but also the other necessary parts of running the training program including selection, training and supporting Supervisors, training post accreditation, assessment, developing curricula and resources etc.

The outcomes are the intended results from the training program, in the short, intermediate and long term. Short term outcomes are “learning outcomes” focused on when Trainees are in the Training Program. Intermediate outcomes are “graduate outcomes” focused on the expectations for graduating surgeons at completion of training and long-term outcomes are the overarching “program” outcomes; linked to the expectations of the training program as a whole, and considering not just RACS/STC/B requirements, but also the government and community expectations of the training program.

By conducting the M&E process, RACS and the STC/Bs can measure how well we are achieving the intended outputs and outcomes of the training program and make adjustments as necessary. 

Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (PDF 180.63KB)


Monitoring involves regular reporting on key aspects of the training program to determine that outputs are being achieved and that the processes of the training program are on track.

Monitoring indicators are linked to each of the intended outputs and define the pieces of information that will need to be collected, analysed and reported to undertake monitoring of the training program. 


Monitoring Indicators (PDF 492.28KB)


Evaluation relates to assessing how the Training program is meeting its intended outcomes, including the short-term (learning outcomes), intermediate-term (graduate outcomes) and long-term (program outcomes).

Each of the outcomes is linked to an evaluation question. These questions set out the scope of the evaluation and define the information that is needed to be collected, analysed and reported for the program evaluation. 
The evaluation indicators are still in progress. Once these are agreed and approved they will be available here. 

Evaluation Questions (PDF 423.59KB)