Mandated autonomous emergency braking (AEB) potentially prevents the tragedy of deaths such as that of four-year-old Blake Corney, a matter which is being considered by you. 

RACS, in partnership with other agencies committed to improved road safety, advocates for the Australian Design Rules to mandate Autonomous Emergency Braking on all new vehicles imported into Australia, particularly the heavy vehicles.

  • Safety benefit might also result from measures such as
  • removal of tariffs on all imported vehicles with enhanced safety features such as AEB
  • adoption of fiscal factors encouraging purchase of safer vehicles
  • reduction in registration costs on vehicles incorporating autonomous emergency braking and other contemporary safety technologies

National and international evidence categorically demonstrates the benefit of Autonomous Emergency Braking.  

More comprehensive crash investigation will always assist in the analysis of preventable components of the crash risk matrix. 

As surgeons committed to the reduction of preventable injury from road crashes, we support a coronial recommendation advocating the adoption of Autonomous Emergency Braking as a mandatory requirement in the heavy vehicle fleet, and in the light vehicle fleet.