The pro bono contribution of Fellows has been and continues to be the College’s most valued asset and resource. We are grateful for their commitment and are also grateful to the voting Fellows (13.46 per cent) who demonstrated their engagement with the governance of the College.

Congratulations to the successful candidates and sincere thanks to all candidates who nominated.

Fellowship Elected Councillors

There were three Fellowship Elected Councillor positions to be filled. 

The successful candidates in alphabetical order are:

Richard Bradbury, General Surgery, NT (Newly elected to Council)
Rebecca Jack, Vascular Surgery, QLD (Re-elected to Council)
Owen Ung, General Surgery, QLD (Re-elected to Council)

Specialty Elected Councillors

There was one position to be filled in the following four specialties;  only Neurosurgery went to election. The successful candidate was: 

Specialty Elected Councillor Representing Neurosurgery 
Mark Dexter, NSW (Re-elected to Council)

The following were re-elected unopposed:
Specialty Elected Councillor Representing Otolaryngology Surgery
Raymond Sacks, NSW 
Specialty Elected Councillor Representing Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery
Mark Ashton, VIC 
Specialty Elected Councillor Representing Urology
Mark Frydenberg, VIC

The poll results are verified by Ms Katherine Langford of BigPulse.