Dr Anannya Chakrabarti


Dr Anannya Chakrabarti is a trained General surgeon and Specialist breast Surgeon, trained in oncoplastics and reconstruction.

Her interests include:

  • High risk surveillance and prevention
  • Treatment for benign breast disease, congenital conditions
  • Rapid Access (within 24 hours) for new breast cancer diagnosis
  • Multidisciplinary care
  • Advanced Oncoplastic techniques
    • Lipofilling for contour irregularities of the breast
    • Breast and nipple Reconstruction
    • Therapeutic mammaplasty
    • Symmetrising breast reduction
    • Local perforator flaps
  • Breast cancer research

General Surgery
Areas of Practice
  • Research
  • Breast
  • Skin Melanoma
  • Surgical Oncology
Professional Qualifications
  • MBChB
  • Breastsurg ANZ
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