Mr Gregory 'Greg' Self


I have a specialist vascular surgical private practice in Melbourne, Australia. I approach each patient from a whole of person viewpoint as seen through the filter of my surgical training and experience. Surgery is to me an assesment and management philosophy and then as a potential procedure or operation date.

The practice emphasises minimally invasive endovascular arterial (angiogrpahy, angioplasty, stents) and rooms-based endovenous (including laser, US-guided sclerotherapy, sclerotherapy) treatments. Arterial surgery is commonly performed even though endovascular solutuions are sought. Varicose veins surgery is available though not often required. All operations and endovascular procedures occcur at Epworth Hospital, Richmond. Selected medical and surgical colleagues attend the patient after my referral. Detailed correspondence and wriiten patient advice are routinely provided. Patient gap costs are moderate for most procedures.

Lower limb ulcers may be referred for assessment and management. On site specialist vascular ultrasound exams may be booked in tandem for the day of consultation. I do not see WorkCover or medico-legal cases. I do not do thoraco-adbdominbal aneurysmal, vascular first rib, vascular access, renal transplantation, or popliteal artery entrapment operations. 

E: Phone: (03) 94291176 . (c) Mr Greg Self

Vascular Surgery
Areas of Practice
  • Carotid
  • Endovascular
  • Peripheral Arterial
  • Venous
Professional Associations
  • FRACS (Vascular Surgery)
  • ANZ Society of Vascular Surgery
  • ANZ Society of Phlebology
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Consulting Rooms & Hospitals
The Epworth Centre Suite 5.4, 32 Erin St, RICHMOND, VIC, 3121, AustraliaF: (613)94294721E: