• Value
    $6,500 (to be split amongst successful applicants)
  • Activity

    Eligible activity

    Attendance at an approved trauma education program or conference
    - Observe an EMST instructor course within Australia or Aotearoa New Zealand
    - Attendance at an external course to enhance required skills
    - Another professional development activity related to EMST

  • Selection

    The distribution of the available funds is determined by the selection panel subject to the merits of the application/s received and in consideration of providing equal opportunity for each Specialty Court. A maximum of $10,000 may be awarded per grant.

    The selection panel is comprised of:

    - Chair and deputy chair of the Court of Examiners
    - A Senior Examiner who is from a specialty other than that of the applicant
    - Manager, Examinations (observer)
    - Executive General Manager, Education or delegate (observer)

    All applications by a member of the Executive of the Court of Examiners will be assessed by two members of the Education board.

    Panel members must be current members of the Full Court.

  • Who can apply?

    The applicant must be a current EMST Coordinator who has: 

    - Coordinated a minimum of three courses (excludes courses coordinated under supervision during the training process)

    - Coordinated a course within the last 12 months

    - Must not have received a EMST Coordinator or Professional Assistance grant in the last two years

  • How to apply

    Application process
    - Applications are received online through the RACS Unlock program
    - The applicant is to provide a summary of their relevant experience and describe how the grant will help contribute towards their professional development relating to CCrISP

  • Recipient obligations

    The recipient must provide a report detailing learning experiences from activity undertaken. These reports will be requested by RACS according to the program timeline and a copy sent to the stakeholders to be submitted to the relevant course committee meeting. The report will also be reviewed by the ANZ Scholarship and Grant Committee (ANZSGC)

  • Conditions and application

    Applications for the 2023 program have now closed. 

    - general information on the Scholarships and Grants Program
    program conditions and recipient obligations
    - conditions specific to this grant (PDF 44.25KB)as stated on this page

  • Contact
    Scholarships and grants department

    Phone: +61 08 8219 0940
    Email: scholarships@surgeons.org