• Value
    $10,000 (up to two)
  • Activity

    The grant funds travel and accommodation to enable the recipient to visit a surgical college overseas.

  • Selection

    The distribution of the available funds is determined by the selection panel subject to the merits of the application/s received and in consideration of providing equal opportunity for each Specialty Court. A maximum of $10,000 may be awarded per grant.

    The selection panel is comprised of:

    - Chair and deputy chair of the Court of Examiners
    - A Senior Examiner who is from a specialty other than that of the applicant
    - Manager, Examinations (observer)
    - Executive General Manager, Education or delegate (observer)

    All applications by a member of the Executive of the Court of Examiners will be assessed by two members of the Education board.

    Panel members must be current members of the Full Court.

  • Who can apply?

    The applicant must be a Fellow who is CPD compliant and a current member of the Full Court at the time of both the application and the visit.

    The Chair and Deputy Chairs of the Court are eligible to apply.

  • How to apply

    The application is to include:

    - the relevant Specialty
    - the location and details of the surgical college, the exam/s (dates and times) and the subject of the visit
    - the proposed research activity and methodology and an explanation of how this will benefit the RACS Fellowship Examination process
    - an overview of how the applicant will further collegiate relations with the international surgical college
    - the proposed itinerary and budget for the trip
    - the written recommendation from the applicant’s Specialty Court.

  • Recipient obligations

    The recipient must follow all instructions from the host college while in attendance at their examinations and comply with all examination guidelines, procedures and instructions set and otherwise directed by the College.

    In addition to submitting an end-of-year report as requested by the Scholarships and Grants department, the recipient is required to present their findings to their Specialty Court and the Full Court.

  • Conditions and application

    Applications for the 2023 program have now closed. 

    - general information on the Scholarships and Grants Program
    program conditions and recipient obligations
    - conditions specific to this grant (PDF 87.72KB) as stated on this page

  • Contact
    Scholarships and grants department

    Phone: +61 08 8219 0940
    Email: scholarships@surgeons.org