• Who can apply?

    To be eligible for this grant, you need to be a RACS Fellow or SET Trainee.

    Please note this grant is not available for SET applicants. FRACS applicants and Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs) may apply for this grant providing they meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the Applying to the Scholarships and Grants Program webpage.

  • Value
    $10,000 (up to two)
  • Activity

    This grant may be used to fund overseas travel, accommodation, living expenses and course or conference fees to expand knowledge and expertise in a field to benefit the Fellow or Trainee, the College and the community.

  • Selection

    The selection panel is comprised of members of the ANZ Scholarships and Grants Committee.

  • How to apply
    Your application is to include:

    - your career and employment details
    - your activity proposal including: how your activity will benefit your professional development; and contribute to improving Australian and/or Aotearoa New Zealand surgical standards and knowledge base
    - the expected outcomes of your activity
    - proposed costs
    - name and email addresses for two referees (recommenders) who will then receive an invitation to view parts of your online application and provide a recommendation.
  • Conditions and application

    Before applying, please read all conditions as stated on this webpage.

    - general information on the Scholarships and Grants Program
    program conditions and recipient obligations
    - conditions specific to this grant as stated on this page

  • Contact

    Scholarships and grants department

    Phone: +61 08 8219 0940
    Email: scholarships@surgeons.org