• Conditions, policy and guideline

    The recipient:
    - is required to undertake the research study at the USUHS, Bethesda, Maryland, USA
    - should liaise with the USUHS to determine an agreed start date
    - is encouraged to enrol in a Masters or Doctorate at USUHS
    - will examine “Combat Casualty Care Resuscitation Research” under the supervision of a nominated representative from USUHS

    Upon their return to Australia or Aotearoa New Zealand, the recipient is required to present their research at the Military Surgery Section Free Paper Session at the next RACS Annual Scientific Congress (ASC) held each May.

    Please also refer to:
    - the research scholarship policy (PDF 203.34KB)
    - the scholarship guideline (PDF 153.77KB)

  • Who can apply?

    Applications are open to RACS Fellows and SET Trainees who are citizens of, and permanently residing in, Australia or Aotearoa New Zealand.
    If two applicants are of equal merit, preference will be given to a serving member of the Australian Defence Force or the New Zealand Defence Force.

    Specialist International Medical Graduates, International Medical Graduates who are SET Trainees and SET applicants are ineligible for this scholarship.

  • Application requirements

    Your application is to include:
    - your career and employment details
    - an outline of your interest in Combat Casualty Care Resuscitation Research and its relevance to your role
    - a list of (up to) your five most important publications including their DOI or URL (optional)
    - a list of (up to) your five most important conference presentations (optional)

  • Selection and awarding
    Selection is assessed via written application with shortlisted applicants invited to interview.

    The selection panel is comprised of members of the RACS Military Surgery Section Committee.

    A stipend and travel allowance are paid directly to the recipient at the $USD to $AUD exchange rate at the time of payment.

  • To apply
    Application is via the Scholarships and Grants Program online platform, RACS Unlock, hosted by Survey Monkey Apply.

    You may register as an applicant on RACS Unlock at any time, however applications will not display on your dashboard until the Scholarships and Grants Program application opening date in April. There is no need to re-register if you already have a RACS Unlock registration.

    Please note: emailed applications are not accepted.

    Visit RACS Unlock
  • Contact
    Scholarship and grant team
    Phone: +61 03 9249 1216
    Email: scholarships@surgeons.org