• Policy and guideline

    Before applying please refer to the:
    - Learning and Development grant policy (PDF 496.34KB)
    - Grant guideline (PDF 92.91KB)

  • Who can apply?

    RACS Younger Fellows (ie who have obtained Fellowship within the past ten years) who meet the below eligibility may apply:

    - working or studying in Queensland and plan to travel interstate or overseas within the 12 month grant period to further post Fellowship work or studies, prior to then returning to practice in Queensland OR
    - pursuing post Fellowship work or studies outside of Queensland and will return to Queensland to practise within 12 months.

  • Activity

    The grant enables Queensland Younger Fellows to obtain post Fellowship training interstate or overseas before returning to practice in Queensland; or Queensland Younger Fellows based elsewhere to return to practice in Queensland. 

    The activity must support a return to practice in Queensland and/or support the acquisition of surgical experiences that will be of benefit to Queensland upon return.

    The activity for which funding is being sought must commence after the grant application closing date but prior to the end of the grant year (December 31st). All grant recipients will be required to provide an activity report at the end of the grant year outlining their progress against their proposal timeline.
    The recipient is required to present a brief descriptive paper at the Queensland State Conference which is held every two years in November. 
    Up to four grant recipients’ papers will be presented at the State Conference – two from the current grant year, and two from the previous grant year:
    - those recipients whose grant activity falls within the year the state conference is being run, must present at that year’s state conference
    - those recipients whose grant activity falls within the year the state conference is not being run, must present at the following year’s state conference. 
  • Application requirements

    Your application is to include:
    - your career and employment details
    - your activity proposal including: how your activity will benefit your professional development; and contribute to improving Australian and/or Aotearoa New Zealand surgical standards and knowledge base
    - the expected outcomes of your activity
    - proposed costs
    - for Queensland-based Younger Fellows intending to study or work interstate or overseas: a statement on how the activity will be of benefit to Queensland
    - for Younger Fellows intending to return to practice in Queensland: details of practice in Queensland including the geographical and public or private surgical services or the skills you will provide
    - evidence of confirmation from the institution, supervising consultant, unit or overseeing society; and/or a confirmation of public appointment or letter of intent to practice from a private hospital executive.

  • Selection and awarding

    Selection is via written application.
    Should two applicants be of equal merit, preference will be given to those in their earlier post Fellowship years who:
    - have secured structured appointments to established units
    - have not secured alternative financial support
    - are providing a new or expanded service or practicing in an area of need
    - have previously attended the QLD Preparation for Practice Workshop or the QLD State Conference
    - are involved with RACS or the Younger Fellows Committee

    The selection panel is comprised of representatives from the Queensland Regional Committee and the Younger Fellows Committee. 

    - payment is made directly to the recipient by 1 March in the scholarship year (following receipt of a valid invoice)

  • To apply

    Application is via the Scholarships and Grants Program online platform, RACS Unlock, hosted by Survey Monkey Apply.

    You may register as an applicant on RACS Unlock at any time, however applications will not display on your dashboard until the Scholarships and Grants Program application opening date. There is no need to re-register if you already have a RACS Unlock registration.

    Please note: emailed applications are not accepted.

    Visit RACS Unlock

  • Contact
    Scholarship and grant team
    Email: scholarships@surgeons.org