Specialist Training Program (STP)

RACS supports 65 full time equivalent (FTE) Surgical Education and Training (SET) positions (posts) through Salary Support and where applicable the Rural Support Loading, Private Infrastructure and Clinical Supervision Funding. 


STP Funding Amount*    Funding Description 
Trainee salary support   $105,000  

Annual Trainee salary support of up to $105,000 (per 1 FTE) per annum per training post.

Rural Support Loading $25,000   A rural loading allowance of up to $25,000 (per 1 FTE) per annum per training post to support additional costs in hosting a trainee in regional, rural, and remote (MMM 2 – 7) settings. 
Private Infrastructure and Clinical Supervision (PICS)  $30,000   A Private Infrastructure and Clinical Supervision (PICS) allowance of up to $30,000 (per 1 FTE) per annum per training post to support the delivery of STP in Private facilities.

*Amounts listed are full allowances for 1 FTE per year per post/position.

STP eligibility requirements

Expanded Setting  

Rural: The training position must be located in an MMM 2 – 7 location (minimum of 0.5 FTE).


Private: The training position is to take place in a private setting or rotate through a private setting (minimum of 0.5 FTE).

Expansion of Training


Must be a new position representing a genuine expansion of training in the RACS Surgical and Education Training (SET) Program and has not been previously filled or funded.

RACS Training Post Accreditation   To be eligible for STP funding, training positions must be newly accredited or on the pathway to being accredited by the relevant RACS Specialty Training Board.
For more information regarding Training Post Accreditation at RACS, visit the RACS Training Post Accreditation or contact your Specialty Training Board.
Eligible Specialties  

Must be a post in an eligible specialty:

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Paediatric Surgery
  • Urology
  • Vascular Surgery

The following specialities are currently ineligible; however, consideration may be given in individualised circumstances, please contact the STP Admin team to discuss:

  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
 Support   The new post must be supported by RACS, your Specialty Training Board and the State Health Jurisdiction.


Download the STP Eligibility Checker (PDF 67.08KB) to check your training position's eligibility.

How to Apply for STP Funding

The New Post Process is the only mechanism through which new posts can be approved for funding under the STP. 

The New Post Process is held annually over a 16-week period, consisting of a 4-week application period and a 12-week assessment period. The Department of Health manages ‘the Process’ and is the final approving authority to determine an application’s suitability with no avenue to appeal.

Applications will only be accepted through the Department of Health's online portal.


Download the New Post Process Factsheet (PDF 357.95KB) for more information.


New Post Process: 2022 round

 Timeline  Date
 Application Period (4-weeks)

Opens: Tuesday 19 April 2022, 9am AEST

Closes: Friday 13 May 2022, 5pm AEST

 Assessment Process (12-weeks)  From May 2022
 Outcomes Released  From August 2022


To register your interest, please email stp.admin@surgeons.org.

Tasmanian Project

RACS supports 8.4 FTE supervisor and training posts across Royal Hobart Hospital and Launceston General Hospital. Funding under the Tasmanian Project supports the training and retention of specialist doctors in the Tasmanian public health system.

STP Support Projects and Initiatives

RACS design, develop and deliver education and training Support Projects for the purpose of supporting the success and sustainability of delivering specialty training in expanded health care settings. Priority is given to projects that support rural and private posts, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander trainees, and cultural safety training in Indigenous healthcare delivery.

More Information

For more information on the STP, please see visit the Department of Health website.

Guidelines, Forms and Resources


Specialist Training Program (STP) office
Email: stp.admin@surgeons.org 
Phone +61 3 9249 1283