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The Find a Surgeon directory is a listing of active Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons who meet the requirements of the College's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program and have opted to be on the list. This list excludes retired or inactive Fellows.

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Domestic violence: exploring support for the health industry

17 May 2018

Health workers are often ill equipped to manage the complex issues that affect patients who have been subject to domestic violence. But very little work has been done to explore issues that affect health workers who are also victims.

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Driver injuries associated with food delivery in Brisbane

17 May 2018

Uber Eats and Deliveroo have been associated with a number of road accidents in Brisbane according to a new study.

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Greater clarity required for prisoner health

17 May 2018

Corrective services often transfer inmates to NSW hospitals for medical care, but what happens when a prisoner refuses medical treatment?

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Skin cancer - see and treat or wait and see?

17 May 2018

A 'See and Treat' clinic for non-melanoma skin cancers based out of the Middlemore Hospital in Auckland which significantly reduces patient treatment waiting time and hospital administrative costs could mean the difference between a quick excision and a more complex, costly surgery, according to a study featured in the latest issue of the Australia and New Zealand Journal of Surgery (ANZJS), the peer-review publication of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS).

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Study points to higher amputation rate amongst Indigenous Australians

10 May 2018

A North Queensland study has found that Indigenous Australians are more likely than non-Indigenous Australians to require lower limb amputations as a result of chronic diseases, such as diabetes.

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Is Australia prepared for a terrorist attack?

10 May 2018

One of Australia's leading military surgeons is calling on first responders and emergency departments to undertake a Haemorrhage Control (HEMCON) Course so they are fully prepared for a terrorist attack.

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Hospitals report spike in injuries during Junior Motocross Championships

10 May 2018

An Australian-first study has identified a significant increase in the number of presentations to a rural hospital following the 2017 Australian Junior Motocross Championships, which were held in Horsham.

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New pilot set to reduce health costs

10 May 2018

As the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) and the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) concurrently host their annual scientific gatherings in Sydney, the two Colleges have taken the opportunity to promote an exciting new bi-national pilot study.

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Reducing the gender gap

10 May 2018

A new study has shed light on the gender imbalance in the medical profession. The report, by Sarah McLain, a former hospital pharmacist and final year medical student at the University of Sydney, discovered females make up 50 per cent of all medical graduates in Australia, but only 34 per cent of specialists and 12 per cent of surgeons.

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Surgeon warns Australian drivers 65+ to be aware

10 May 2018

New research has discovered an increase in fatal and serious road accidents for drivers 65-74 years of age and 75 years of age and above.

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Less exposure to medical care sees Māori children at greater risk of recurrent tonsilitis

09 May 2018

Māori children with adenotonsillar disease (recurrent tonsillitis) are receiving less treatment prior to surgery than non-Māori children new research has found.

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Bariatric surgery – not just weight loss

09 May 2018

Bariatric surgery can have a positive impact on sustained weight loss and improved liver function according to a study conducted by Dr Matthew Binks, unaccredited General Surgery Registrar at Nepean Hospital in New South Wales.

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The pitfalls of cosmetic tourism

09 May 2018

A review has discovered botched overseas cosmetic procedures is increasing the burden on Australia's already stretched public health system.

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Robotics – the future of microsurgery

09 May 2018

Robotic microsurgery is predicted to replace direct human involvement in the delicate and fine art of microsurgical anastomosis of vessels and nerves according to the current registrar in plastic surgery at Royal Darwin Hospital.

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Nurse-led follow up safe and effective for colorectal cancer patients

08 May 2018

The introduction of nurse-led follow up services after surgery has the potential to reduce the burden on New Zealand's health system. A recent study has suggested that a shift from consultant-led to nurse-led colon cancer follow up enables patients to be followed up safely and effectively while alleviating the workload of surgeons.

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Alcohol and drug use – a common cause of facial fractures

08 May 2018

A Wellington study has shone a spotlight on the extent of interpersonal violence in the region, particularly when involving alcohol or drug use.

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New registry established to combat thyroid cancer

08 May 2018

A new cancer registry is hoping to better understand the differences in care and outcomes for thyroid
cancer patients in New Zealand and Australia.

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Quad bike action needed to stop recreational injury and death

08 May 2018

All-terrain vehicle (quad bikes) related injuries are placing a significant burden on New Zealand's health system.

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New approach transforming the treatment of paediatric burns victims

08 May 2018

A new way of treating paediatric burns victims is having remarkable affects and transforming the lives of young patients.

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Abdominal pain: Is hospitalisation always necessary?

07 May 2018

Crippling abdominal pain could be many things, so going to hospital to be sure that your appendix isn't about to burst is probably the best advice, but how many patients does a hospital see with 'acute abdominal pain' on daily basis? How many of these patients have 'self-limiting' abdominal pain (pain that heals itself) and how many patients with these symptoms stayed for longer than 10 hours despite not requiring surgery?

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A national database to improve patient outcomes

07 May 2018

Free flap transfer (the transplantation of tissue from one site of the body to another in order to reconstruct an existing defect), is commonly used for hand, breast, or head and neck reconstruction where the patient has experienced an injury or tumour. Performed by plastic surgeons, this complex and delicate procedure requires microsurgical techniques to reconnect arteries and veins allowing for new blood flow.

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3D printing – a stepping stone to personalised surgery

07 May 2018

A new study has discovered how 3D printing is improving quality and safety in surgery. Using a comprehensive search strategy of multiple medical research databases, Dr Jasamine Coles-Black identified and reviewed 392 articles and cross-referenced the findings against the Austin Health 3D Medical Printing Laboratory's own experiences.

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Colorectal cancer – the young and the dangerous

07 May 2018

A study in Western Sydney has discovered younger patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer present with more advanced disease with worse pathological features.

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Procedure helping cancer patients to speak again

07 May 2018

In many major centres around the world, voice rehabilitation is only achievable by using external phonation devices or oesophageal speech via trans-oesophageal tube. Using these methods, phonation quality is far from satisfactory and may result in social stigma and isolation but an innovative procedure is helping patients to speak again.

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Is fourteen the new forty?

07 May 2018

More overweight and obese Australian children are having their gall bladders removed according to a new study.

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Once bitten twice shy?

07 May 2018

More females than males are bitten by cats and more males than females are bitten by dogs according to a review conducted by Dr Jackie Tran, an unaccredited Plastic Surgery Registrar at Geelong Hospital.

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Poorer patients presenting with more advanced cancers

07 May 2018

A recent study has found that patients from the most socioeconomically deprived post-codes in western Sydney present with more advanced colorectal cancers and at a younger age than their counterparts from more affluent suburbs.

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SimuSurg App: Keyhole surgery in the palm of your hand

04 May 2018

The next time you see someone glued to their mobile phone, they might not be texting or they may be extracting a specimen!

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Teams at the starting line for the 2018 HETI Golden Scalpel Games® - ASSA Edition.

02 May 2018

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) is collaborating with the Health Education and Training Institute's (HETI) Clinical Surgical Training Council and the Australasian Students' Surgical Association (ASSA) to deliver the inaugural HETI Golden Scalpel Games® - ASSA Edition.

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Study shows skateboard use can result in serious brain injury

26 April 2018

Skateboarding injuries account for nearly 1,000 Emergency Department presentations in Queensland each year with severe head injuries making up five per cent of these, according to an article in the latest issue of the Australia and New Zealand Journal of Surgery (ANZJS), RACS' peer-review publication.

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Survey shows positive operating room culture impacts on patient safety and surgical practice

24 April 2018

The culture and environment in which we work in the operating room is associated with better outcomes for the patients who pass through it, according to a paper referred to by Auckland City Hospital's Dr Ian Civil, FRACS in the latest issue of the Australia and New Zealand Journal of Surgery (ANZJS), RACS' peer-review publication.

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Surgeons join Call for Action against climate change

13 April 2018

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) has joined OraTaio: The New Zealand Climate and Health Council's Joint Call for Action as it moves to reduce the impact that surgical practice has on the environment.

The Joint Call for Action is already supported by 18 of New Zealand's most prestigious health professional organisations.

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Surgery: An Integral Component of Universal Health Coverage

06 April 2018

Five billion of the world's population have limited, delayed, or no access to emergency and essential surgical care.

This World Health Day, Saturday 7 April, the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) emphasises that surgery is an integral component of Universal Health Coverage. More people die each year from lack of access to emergency and essential surgical care than do from HIV, TB, and malaria combined.

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Surgeons urge Road Safety this Easter

29 March 2018

Easter, just like Christmas, is one of the worst times on our roads for accidents. Many choose to drive long distances to go camping or visit family - so this is an important time to heed long weekend road safety warnings.

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Austin Health and RACS sign Respect Agreement

26 March 2018

Austin Health today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) aimed at building respect and improving patient safety in surgery.

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A meeting of the world’s leading medical minds at the RACS Annual Scientific Congress

21 March 2018

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), in partnership with the American College of Surgeons (ACS) will host the 87th Annual Scientific Congress (ASC) at the Sydney International Convention Centre from 7-11 May this year for a series of workshops, discussions, plenaries and masterclasses.

With the theme Reflecting on what really matters, it's time to register your attendance at the Congress which will help to address many of the competing interests in the delivery of surgical care in our community. 

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Talented surgeon showcases his other side

08 March 2018

While Dr Sam Gue's reputation as a dedicated and highly gifted surgeon has been well known across Adelaide for almost four decades, it may surprise some of his patients and colleagues to learn that he has developed an equally high profile in the arts community.

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RACS celebrates its women in surgery on International Women’s Day

06 March 2018

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) is proud to support and celebrate its women in surgery this International Women's Day, Thursday 8 March 2018. RACS has been running a week long social media campaign to profile and celebrate the women working in surgery.

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Choose zero death and no injury on our roads this festive season, surgeons urge

01 January 2018

Christmas and New Year should be enjoyed safely and peacefully with family and friends. Tragically, too often at this time of year, surgeons treat a spate of seriously injured road users who survive crashes. Road crashes are not accidents.

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