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Trauma and Road Trauma Prevention

The Road Trauma Committee has had a long and successful history in the College. In 1969, the College recognised that road trauma was a serious public health problem reaching epidemic proportions. It saw that it could be influential in this area with policy makers and legislators. The College was a major contributor towards mandatory seat-belt wearing in the '70s and drink driving countermeasures and the compulsory wearing of helmets by pedal cyclists in the '80s and '90s. In recent times the College has focussed on the safety of young drivers and children, lobbying for improvements in the Graduated Licensing System and child restraint laws, Quad Bike safety and Alcohol-related trauma.

The College positions on road trauma prevention and trauma prevention have been developed and continually updated since the original Road Trauma Committee was formed in 1970. Road safety advocacy continues to be a key function of the subcommittee whose objective is to eliminate death and injury on our roads. No death or injury is acceptable.

Recent advocacy efforts of the College and its surgeons regarding Trauma include the following:

Queensland Bicycle helmet laws - proposal for a trial of no helmets for roads less than 60km/h
Quad bike advocacy gains traction
Victorian inquiry into serious injuries
The College speaks out on alcohol-related violence
Speed, Fatigue, Driver Distraction and Disobedience to proven road rules - a Dangerous mix on the roads this Easter
Victorian Government's Alcohol & Drug Strategy Launch (PDF 97KB) - Speech delivered by Prof. Russell Gruen at the launch of the Victorian Government's Alcohol & Drug Strategy at The Alfred, 25th January 2013
Trauma Week attracts national attention

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