RACS is pleased to announce the launch of the Speak Up app developed to complement the Operating with Respect (OWR) course. Launched at the 2019 RACS Annual Scientific Congress in Bangkok, the app assists surgeons to speak up when unacceptable behaviour occurs.

The Speak Up app draws on concepts and strategies taught at the OWR course and will be most relevant to RACS Fellows who have completed the OWR course.

The app includes a useful framework to prepare for a Cup of Coffee Conversation (CCC), a bank to store helpful scripts and phrases along with access to additional resources.

A CCC is a way to raise awareness, prompt reflection and reinforce expectations. It is an informal response intended to be a respectful conversation between two colleagues. Evidence suggests a properly conducted CCC will have the desired effect in more than 75 per cent of cases.

The OWR course and Speak Up app both aim to contribute to creating an environment where people know they have permission to speak up, and where it is safe for people to adjust their behaviour when given the opportunity.

Thank you to the OWR Education Committee, RACS Education staff and CMEE4 Productions for their collaborative efforts in developing the Speak Up app.

Download for free via the App Store and on Google Play.