Note: This course replaces a previous version, 'Operating with Respect eLearning', and includes revised and additional content. This course can also be revisited for your own professional development, or as a refresher ahead of the full-day face-to-face course, ‘Operating with Respect’. Completing this online course, a second time may entitle you to 1 CPD point.  


Course learning outcomes

By completing this course, you will be able to identify:
     1. Acceptable standards of professional behaviour in the healthcare setting
     2. The features principles within legislation relating to of discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment as outlined by legislation
     3. What unacceptable behaviour looks like in healthcare, and specifically in surgical settings
     4. The impacts of unacceptable behaviour on individuals, team performance and patient safety
     5. Stressors that may contribute to unacceptable behaviour, and understand how to better manage these
     6. The professional responsibility to speak up when exposed to unacceptable behaviours
     7. Intervention strategies and responses to unacceptable behaviours
     8. Where to find resources to support yourself and others in addressing unacceptable behaviours within the workplace.


Are you eligible for this course?

This course is available to all College Members and is a pre-requisite for application to Surgical Education and Training (SET). 

Note: if you have completed the Operating with Respect eModule (retired late 2023) you do not have to complete this course to meet the SET eligibility requirement.


Delivery mode

  • Mode of delivery: Online
  • Duration: 60 minutes


Course fees

  • Free for College members (Fellows or Specialist International Medical Graduates), Trainees and those who have a Junior Doctors/Pre-vocational Doctors subscription
  • A$60 or NZ$65 for non-members of the College 

Cancellation Policy


CPD points

Completing this online course a second time may entitle you to 1 CPD point.


Main RACS competencies addressed

  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Communication
  • Professionalism


Course resources and references


Related Course: 

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