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RACS in conjunction with Wiley Publications are offering a new Professional Development Activity.

You will receive one (1) CPD point per article allocated to 'education' category.


To complete, read the following published article and complete accompanying questions.

Timing of minor and major amputation in patients with diabetes-related foot ulceration admitted to two public tertiary referral hospitals in Australia
Sarah M. Manewell, Sarah J. Aitken, Vanessa L. Nube, Anna M. Crawford, Maria I. Constantino, Stephen M. Twigg, Hylton B. Menz, Catherine Sherrington, Serene S. Paul
First published: 28 December 2022

To complete, read the following published article and complete accompanying questions.

The role of repeated imaging in detecting complications in the post-operative period following pancreaticoduodenectomy
Hiro Masuda, Krishna Kotecha, Rudra Maitra, Richard Maher, Anubhav Mittal, Jaswinder S. Samra
First published: 13 February 2023

Microlearning activities

Microlearning activities are bite sized, interactive learning opportunities, which are easily accessible via mobile phone, tablet or computer. They capture key messages and focus on the immediate information with links to gain a deeper understanding if required.  These activities count towards Category 3 (Education) CPD points. 

RACS eLearning modules

Our flexible eLearning framework recognises the needs of our geographically diverse membership, as well as the typically significant demands on your time. RACS’ eLearning platform is designed to encourage both individual and collaborative learning, providing expertise and guidance, technical support and access to valuable educational resources.

To view the eLearning course available, follow this link.

RACS professional development courses

The Professional Development Program is designed to support you throughout your surgical career, encouraging your professional growth and enhancing workplace performance. Lifelong learning through professional development can not only improve your capabilities, but also help you realise your full potential both professionally and personally.

To view a list of all RACS professional development activities, follow this link.

Multisource feedback (MSF)

Multi-source feedback (MSF) is a questionnaire based assessment strategy that includes self-evaluation and feedback on observable behaviours from colleagues (peers and referring physicians), co-workers (such as nurses, pharmacists, psychologists etc) and patients. MSF has been primarily designed to provide feedback to individual physicians or surgeons not groups of specialists (see RACS Website). Participants in the RACS CPD Program can undertake an MSF of themselves or may act as a reviewer for another peer or trainee. RACS has partnered with CFEP Surveys to deliver an MSF that is aligned to the ten surgical competencies (fees apply).

Structed conversation with a peer

A structured conversation is undertaken with a peer, colleague or employer about the doctor’s clinical practice. The intent of this activity is to provide time for the doctor to reflect on their development needs, their goals for learning and professional activities and their intentions for the next year. Doctors are encouraged to use the information they have obtained undertaking activities across the three types of CPD to inform this conversation.

The RACS CPD Program requires participants to undertake a structured conversation with a peer. This is a mandatory requirement for Aotearoa New Zealand participants under their learning plan and is an optional activity for Australian participants.

Practice visits

Practice visits are a peer review activity where one or more healthcare providers visit the practice of another in the same field. The purpose of this exercise is for visitors to observe and review a host’s practice in a non-punitive manner and provide them with constructive feedback as required; ultimately to improve practice quality and patient care (Forel, D., Marlow, N., Vandepeer, M. and Hill, A.G. (2019), Clinical practice visits: a rapid review. ANZ Journal of Surgery, 89: 1004-1008.

Some specialty associations (e.g. NZOA, NZAGS) offer practice visits for their members. In 2023 RACS commenced a pilot program of practice visits for surgical endoscopists who have not met the recertification criteria for set out in the Colonoscopy Clinical Care Standard.


MALT offers a range of standard reports, from data extracts to self-audit reports, to meet your reporting needs over the course of your surgical career.

Please see link to MALT


The RACS Library endeavours to provide an appropriate range of quality e-resources. This includes generic resources relevant to all surgeons but also more specialised materials appropriate for the range of specialties or subspecialties within RACS.

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