Despite advocating for stronger recommendations, overall RACS was pleased with the considered review undertaken by Justice Anderson, and believe that harm minimisation remained a central consideration when presenting his findings. We were further heartened by the Government's decision to accept the majority of recommendations in full, and in some cases apply stronger harm minimisations measures. In particular RACS would like to offer its support for:

  • The Government's decision to ban alcohol advertising from buses, trains and trams from 2017, thereby reducing the exposure of young people to alcohol
  • Rejecting calls to allow for the sale of alcohol in South Australian supermarkets
  • Maintaining 3am lockouts in the Adelaide CBD, as well as other safety measures legislated for in the LateNight Trading Code of Practice.

However, RACS still holds concerns with the lack of attention given to alcohol-related health and crime data.  No recommendations were made by Justice Anderson on this matter in his Review, and we urge the Government to reconsider this aspect as part of the final Bill.

Read the submission (PDF 210.83KB).