RACS does not support the creation of a new class of surgery within the cosmetic procedures group; however greater oversight of the appropriate credentialing of facilities, including appropriate credentialing of practitioners is needed.

If any type of intravenous sedation is required to perform a procedure, then the surgery should only be undertaken in a licensed facility. This generally means a larger operation which requires the resources and oversight found in a larger facility.

Key points

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons recommends:

  • Regulation of private health facilities based on a level of sedation rather than the procedure performed;
  • That procedures requiring intravenous sedation, excluding dental, only be performed in an accredited and licensed day surgery or hospital;
  • Procedures conducted using large volumes of local anaesthetic or nerve blocks, which may reach toxic levels be restricted to licensed facilities;
  • Cosmetic surgical operations should only be performed by practitioners who are registered surgical specialists;
  • Development and implementation of nationally consistent requirements for office-based facilities including independent accreditation of facilities, credentialing of clinical staff, infection control, sterile supply and clinical waste management.

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