Daily, surgeons are confronted by and treat the trauma that alcohol misuse generates, particularly in the Northern Territory which has easily the highest per capita consumption rates of alcohol in Australia and comparatively one of the highest per capita consumption rates of anywhere in the world. Perhaps it is unsurprising therefore, that the Northern Territory also has the worst road safety and domestic violence rates in Australia.

The government is to be congratulated for its consultative approach in addressing alcohol related harm, and we hope that from the Review the government is able to develop the appropriate policy and legislative framework to deal with the considerable burden that alcohol related harm is placing on the Northern Territory. Surgeons, alongside other health professionals, are first-hand witnesses to the damage that alcohol- related harm causes on a day to day basis. Whether it is through the extra strain on emergency departments and operating rooms, or the long-term suffering caused by non-communicable disease, the burden that alcohol related harm places on the Northern Territory is considerable. RACS is well placed to offer advice in this area and we thank the government for the opportunity to be part of the review process.

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