Prior to state and federal elections, the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons provides an opportunity for political parties to outline policy positions on key issues relating to the delivery of surgical services by providing a document outlining the areas of specific concern and relevance to the Fellows, Trainees and International Medical Graduates of Queensland in the lead-up to the forthcoming state election. RACS then distributes the responses to its membership and the broader community.

The key issues which the Queensland Branch of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons believes require the Government's attention in the next (three year) term of Government are:

  1. Waiting lists and the associated outpatient lists. A key element is operating theatre efficiency and efficiencies in outpatients. A major concern is the outsourcing of elective surgery to the public sector
  2. Regional Surgical Services and the implementation of the Medical Practitioner Workforce Plan for Queensland including attention to appropriate working hours for Surgical Trainees
  3. The position of Chair of the Queensland Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia and the current combination of OHO and AHPRA in respect of complaints management.
  4. Alcohol abuse and its catastrophic impact on surgical trauma, as well as the community.
  5. PACS Digital Imaging
  6. Ongoing funding for the Queensland Audit of Surgical Mortality
  7. Recognition of parental leave entitlements and diversification of surgical workforce