The next Australian Federal election will be held in May 2022. RACS has identified eleven key focus areas relevant to the election:

  • Building respectful and safe workplaces for all who work in surgery and the wider health sector
  • Guaranteeing the public sector provides timely access to essential surgery
  • Expanding surgical (and other specialist) services in rural areas
  • Expanding surgical (and other specialist) services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Protecting the public by restricting the title ‘surgeon’ to those with accredited advanced surgical training
  • Improving care through appropriate clinician-led patient outcome data collection and dissemination to clinicians, understanding the many unintended consequences of non-risk adjusted release to the public
  • Ensuring the Medicare Benefit Schedule provides equitable access to health services and remains contemporary
  • Preventing incremental moves to US-style ‘managed care’ and ensuring our mixed healthcare system continues to thrive
  • Reducing death and serious injury on our roads
  • Safeguarding the health of all Australians from the threat of climate change
  • Committing to health security and long-term health systems strengthening in the Pacific

RACS has written to all political parties seeking their response to a range of questions.