On 22 August 2020 the Northern Territory will hold their local elections. Prior to all government elections in Australia and New Zealand, RACS provides an opportunity for political parties to outline their policy positions on key issues relevant to the delivery of surgical services. This document outlines the key priorities for NT surgeons in this election and asks them to provide their answers to the following questions:

  1. Will your party commit to fully funding and staffing all 17 operating theatres in the Northern Territory?
  2. Will your party fully commit to ensuring that the fully staffed and appropriately located surgical beds are made available for elective surgical patients?
  3. Will you commit to creating a Surgical Taskforce or similar clinical engagement body, with the aim of identifying the areas of greatest need for targeted investment in NT surgical services?
  4. What steps will your party take to advocate with the federal government for national action on climate change, including conducting a national review on how we can reduce medical waste in Australia and support local manufacturing of PPE?
  5. Will your party maintain the strong alcohol harm reduction policies that have been established in the Territory since the Riley Review?
  6. Will your party commit to conducting a comprehensive review (similar in nature to the Riley Review), to address the devastating levels of domestic and family violence in the NT?
  7. Will your party commit to accepting in full sensible evidence-based measures identified by this review?