Over the last two years, the College has been on a digital transformation journey to make our systems and ways of working more efficient and responsive to better support and advance your needs in today’s rapidly changing world. 

As part of this journey, we have partnered with Microsoft to use a verified identity solution for users. This will enable us to add a critical layer of trust with a single, reusable username that will allow you to access RACS products and services securely.

The new username will provide you with easy access to the RACS systems you use such as the new, upcoming CPD app, library, portals, website, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and the Training Management Platform. You will use the same username for all RACS systems.

What’s next
The roll-out of the new usernames will commence, in stages, from 4 April 2022 and complete by 19 April

We will set up the username automatically for you during the period outlined above. Once we have done this, we will send you an email with easy-to-follow instructions. All you have to do is to follow the prompts by creating a password and adding multi-factor authentication to your account. 

Multi-factor authentication is a way for the user to verify their identity when logging into a system. It provides an additional layer of security. Security breaches are unfortunately becoming everyday occurrences, and organisations and individuals must be vigilant about protecting their online data.

Please refer to the User guide (PDF 500.4KB) for detailed steps on how to set up your account. For more information please refer to these frequently asked questions (PDF 219.95KB).

If you need further assistance, please call our Service Desk on +61 3 9276 7417 or send an email to [email protected].