We are deeply disappointed that someone leaked confidential information to the media. This is a clear breach of a commitment made to our colleagues at Ahpra and the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) during a confidential briefing provided to us on Monday 29 August 2022 on the cosmetic surgery review.

We had a clear understanding that the briefing was confidential and strongly believe that the breach was unacceptable. We certainly did not call for the removal of the current CEO AHPRA, or MBA Chair, as reported in the media. Such behaviour is inconsistent with the RACS Code of Conduct.

We had a robust and constructive discussion with Ahpra and the Medical Board and thank them for taking time to set up the briefing. It was not a “slanging match”, as was reported.

The goals that Ahpra listed are our goals:

Everyone who chooses to have cosmetic surgery is better informed and protected

The doctors who undertake cosmetic surgery are all trained to a high standard

The public feels confident they are going to be well looked after

If things go wrong, patients will be supported and their concerns will be acted on.

We will continue to work with Ahpra and the Medical Board to ensure that collectively we do everything we can to protect patient safety.