The Phase 1 Evaluation of our implementation of the Action Plan: Building Respect, Improving Patient Safety found the College is now a leading institution that has acknowledged the problems of discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment and made a serious commitment to addressing them.

The evaluation report showed that the College’s activities were positively received and strongly supported by Fellows, Trainees and International Medical Graduates (IMGs).

The report found a ‘remarkably high’ level of support among Fellows, Trainees and IMGs for the College’s commitment to dealing with discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment in surgery with 95 per cent of Fellows, 96 per cent of Trainees and 93 per cent of IMGs surveyed supporting the College’s commitment.

The evaluation report identified RACS education program and the visibility of RACS Let’s operate with respect campaign as significant and successful elements of the Building Respect work. It found that one of the key strengths of the Action Plan was the highlighting of the evidence linking behaviour to patient safety in its messaging and call to action with 95 per cent of Fellows, 98 per cent of Trainees and 97 per cent of IMGs agreed that there is a relationship between behaviour and patient safety.

The evaluation was based on a comprehensive evaluation framework designed to help RACS assess the reach and impact of our work over the short, medium and long term, and specifically after three, five and ten years.

The evaluation was designed to make sure our work to build respect in surgery is targeted and effective. Results of the evaluation will inform future work and shape RACS priorities as we continue our efforts to build respect in surgery.

Read the Phase 1 Evaluation: Building Respect Improving Patient Safety report (PDF 2.5MB)